Thursday, November 5, 2015


Halloween, glorious Halloween!!  Oh I love this holiday.  This holiday just needs my family in it.  So, a few of them decided to be awesome and come to Lovelock.  Yay!  We spent Friday night talking and playing.  Then Saturday we woke up to Brad making pancakes and cousins playing together and it was magical.

We took the family down to the Moura farm, because they give away free pumpkins and thats awesome. 

And we took a million photos and it was so perfect 

The kids had so much fun running around looking for pumpkins 

When we got home we had some lunch, took some naps and carved pumpkins 

Brad was a trooper and helped all the kids 

Pumpkin bum 

Oh I cant handle her perfect face 

The weather was perfect 

Brad decided to smoke a turkey, because why not have Thanksgiving dinner on Halloween? 

Our traditional apple pie caramel apples 

We played this mystery game that I put together and then trick-or-treaters started showing up, so we all got dressed in our costumes. 

These boys are my favorite people 

The whole group

Nathan and Kaitlin won the coolest costume for sure!   

I cant stand how much he looks like David Bowie 

We went to the hospital to see all of Brad's patients in the nursing home.  They were so excited to see all the cute kids.  The kids were mostly just freaked out.  haha 

Then we went all around our neighborhood - the greatest neighborhood in the entire world 

I need him to be dressed as an owl everyday 

Sadie liked my antlers 

Then we went home and the kids went through their goodies and we had some hot cocoa and took a million more photos 

Scout wasn't too crazy about her costume 

These babies make me want to die 

They are perfect 

Sadie in a David Bowie wig has made my life complete 

Its just not a party without a gross 80s wig 

The next morning was slow and lazy 

We tried to talk everyone into just staying in Lovelock and not going back to their lives elsewhere.. 

But no takers 

Thanks for making Halloween so much fun this year Mom, Dad, Jaden, Sophie, Thomas, Nathan, Kaitlin and Sadie-Boo!!!!!