Friday, August 30, 2013

Leaving Las Vegas

I seriously cannot believe that we have lived her for 6 years... and that we are leaving.  Seems like yesterday we were just newly married, moving into our shoe box of an apartment down on Rock Springs.  It had pink counters and the loudest neighbors in the entire world who always insisted on yelling at each other just outside our bedroom window at 3 in the morning.  We really didn't plan on staying here this long.  We figured once Brad got his Bachelors Degree, we'd be moving on some place else for Graduate school.  But as fate would have it, Brad got accepted into the UNLV DPT program.  Yes, I may have cried the night that we decided we would be staying another few years in this city, but I can honestly say I'm so very grateful that we did.  Although it was never my dream to live here, Las Vegas has been very, very good to our family!
Brad has had the greatest experience in ULNV's DPT program!  He has a really great class and made life-long friends.  The professors have been outstanding and some have become role models.  Its seriously been the coolest thing to see him transform into a Physical Therapist.  That's sounds super weird, I know, but its true!  When we started dating right when he got home from his mission, becoming a PT was this faraway dream that he talked about.  And now, after watching him suffer and work and sacrifice, he is only months away from graduating as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  I am beyond proud of him.  And even though, to say he is over-joyed to be done with classes would be an understatement, I think a small part of him will miss this building and this time in his life.

Las Vegas is the only place that's ever really been our home together.  Over the years, its really become a part of us.  Its strange to think that so much of what has been our life will be so different now.  We've developed our routines and our habits.  We've found all the places here that we like to go to and all the places we steer clear of.  We know how we like to spend our free time and our weekends.  Its all been so steady for so long.
We are really going to miss living in the same city as this lovely temple!  But when you consider traffic time, its not going to be a huge difference driving to the temple from Overton. 
Oh how I will miss Target!!!  It is mine and the little boys place!  On days when we are bored, this is where we go.  Yes, we frequent the thrift stores, grocery stores and the parks, but none of those places have popcorn and a dollar section.  We seriously have spent hours upon hours wasting time walking around and looking at fun things.  We rarely buy, because we are still generally too poor for even Target, but we love to window shop.   

And we love the grocery store we go to!  The Smith's on Ann.  It has the best produce of any market in the area and a friendly old man greeter named, Walter, who knows our names and a friendly cashier named Deb, who also knows our names and gives the boys stickers every time we go through her line.

And we will miss our classy Mailman.  He blasts the most awesome classical music out the windows of his mail truck and its convinced me he must be some sort of genius.
We will miss our favorite sandwich shop ever!!!  I never thought a sandwich could be heavenly, but this place is magnificent!
Our frozen yogurt place!!  Seriously the best frozen yogurt ever!  The mango is to die for.  I'll miss trying to think up reasons why we should be celebrating so we can justify going here.
Macayo's :)  Our restaurant.  Isn't it gross that this is "our" restaurant?  I don't care.  Its delicious and where we always end up going on dates, because nothing else ever sounds as good.  Plus its fitting since we both have an abnormal love of Mexican food.
The Hidden Canyon Ward.  The greatest ward in the entire world.  I just cant say enough good things about these people.  They are gold, each and every one of them and we are going to miss them tremendously! 
But probably more than anything, we are going to miss our little house.  We have lived here for 4 years.  Who knew you could grow to care so much about a house, but I really love it so much!  Almost all of our happiest moments have taken place in this house.  Its been such a haven for our little family and we're so grateful to Emily and Travis for letting us live here.
I'll miss our green living room and all the memories here, the place we always gathered.  When I look at this picture I see the room scattered with toys and the boys screaming and laughing with joy.  I see countless tv series marathons late into the night.  I see Sunday afternoons with the windows open and a football game on.  I see days of the whole family being sick and laying in our pj's, eating soup and crackers.  I see the couch piled with books and the kids silently reading for hours.  I see the night we knelt on the floor beside the couch to pray about where Brad should go to school and getting a definite answer.  I see the day we came home to find our house had been broken into and so many of our things stolen.  And then to have several days of face after smiling face showing up at our door to offer gifts, treats and support and making that year's Christmas the best we've ever had.  I see the night we brought Kalvin home from the hospital for the first time and we couldn't get him to stop screaming.  I see Clark learning how to walk and falling all over the place.   
I'll miss my tiny kitchen where I have spent a lot of time trying to teach myself how to cook.  I'll miss the little white shelves Brad made me that hold my cook books and aprons.  I'll miss my stupid, temper-mental oven that I have learned to operate perfectly.  I'll miss the spice cabinet that has a small crack in one side that I used to hold my recipe cards while I was cooking.  I'll miss the happy pancake breakfasts and the crazy, lasagna-in-the-baby's-hair dinners.
I'll miss seeing Brad at his desk, stressed out and overwhelmed and trying his darndest to stay motivated to keep on studying late into the night.  Late into every night.  I'll miss bringing him little "study snacks" and I'll miss his desk being entirely covered in books and papers.  I'll miss sitting in there with him for hours while I rocked a baby or folded laundry so he could explain what he has been learning and not understanding hardly any of it.  I'll miss the kids always finding reasons to go "visit Dad in the office" and just end up playing with Brad and talking him into showing them funny youtube videos, like silly cats and baby monkey.
I'll miss Clark and Kalvin's little room.  I'll miss that blue color we painted on over the purple walls the night we moved into the house.  I'll miss hearing them laugh and talk to each other when they are suppose to be sleeping.  I'll miss Kalvin climbing on the toy box to play with the light switch.  I'll miss Clark getting stuck in the crib.  I'll miss them jumping on beds and breaking the closet doors and being totally crazy, because its "their room".
I'll miss waking up in this room and looking out the glass door at the humming birds in the grapevine.  I'll miss folding laundry on my bed while I watch Doris Day movies.  I'll miss Clark finding reasons to tiptoe his way in here in the middle of the night, cause he knows Dad will let him sleep in our bed with us for a while. 
I'll miss our lovely little backyard.  We've spent SO much time in this little space.  Planting, weeding, watering, sweeping, swimming, BBQing.  So much time.  I so wish that there was some way to just pick up this little house and little yard and place it wherever we want.
But I guess we cant do that.  So that means we must say goodbye and be on our way.  If I could somehow, I would say thank you to our home.  To the walls and floors.  To our yard.  The grass and trees and flowers and garden and bricks.  I would say thank you to this city that has filled up our lives and our family with so much good and so much happiness that we are lucky enough to carry around with us forever.  But I don't really know how to do that.  So I'm going to thank the Lord and hope that covers it.  Goodbye Las Vegas!!! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Clark's Brain

Clark had his EEG about 3 weeks ago.  We had to keep him up most of the night the night before and then we gave him a sedative on the way to the neurologist.  He fell asleep after we got there and they started the EEG.  He did great through it, even the part with the strobe light. 

We had to wait all the way til today to get the results back.  The Doctor said that everything looks COMPLETELY NORMAL!!!!  YAY!!!  He said that he is fairly certain that the seizure Clark had was febrile.  I guess the average person has a 1 in 200 chance of having a seizure, but now that Clark has had a seizure, his chances of having another one jumps to 1 in 10.  Still not bad.  But if he goes 6 months without, it goes back to 1 in 200.  Such a relief!!   
Prayers answered, blessings counted, cherry-limeaids all around!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Packing Up

The real packing has commenced.  Up until now we've just been doing the light stuff.  The stuff in the garage.  The stuff we haven't seen in years anyway.  But now we are in to the thick of it.  You know, the kind of packing that destroys your entire house and everything is out of order and you cant find anything, no matter how organized you're trying to be.
The boxes are slowly taking over
Which the boys are very pleased with
Shelves and closets and walls are looking sad and empty
Im getting ridiculously nostalgic and that is not helping this process ;)
But at the same time, Im so ready and anxious to just get moved and started with this next chapter
Clark reminds me constantly that "we get to do whatever we want at Grandma's"
There is going to be a sad realization for either him or me...
Either way, how different life will be a month from now
And as I pack away so much of our stuff, knowing it will be in storage for a year, I cant help but think about how different things will be a year from now, when we are finally unpacking all these other boxes.
I just need to find a way to keep up the motivation
Maybe I should pack up my kitchen now, so Brad has to take me out to eat at all my favorite Las Vegas restaurants before we go... ;)
Oh so many happy days in this house
Even more happy days ahead :)

Friday, August 16, 2013


Summer and reading just go together!!  Staying in your PJ's til noon is another Summer activity we embrace in this house ;)  And by PJ's, I mean my old t-shirts, cuz the kids always feel its too hot at night for pants.
I saw a quote once that I love that said,

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."

Not a single room in our home is without books.  They may all be Dr. Seuss and Little Golden Books, but I'd say it counts. 
These boys LOVE books more than anything!!  They pull them all off the shelves and devour them daily.  They spend hours reading to themselves and to each other.  Sometimes they try to remember the words that go with each page, sometimes they just make up their own stories for the pictures.
They carry the books from room to room.  Im constantly finding books under beds, in kitchen drawers, on bathroom counters, in closets and under pillows.
And they literally love them to death!!  Which is why we don't spent more than $1 on a book, cuz they just tear through them.  Especially if its a book to do with trucks.  Those things just don't last in this house. 
Oh how Brad and I hope that they forever keep their love of books and reading alive as they grow up!!! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Our 6 Year Anniversary Extravaganza

Our actual Anniversary was on August 4th.  Brad had to work the weekend, so we couldn't really celebrate much.  It was on a Sunday, so we went to church in our ward here in Vegas for the very last time, (sniff, sniff) came home and had a nice dinner and watched a movie.  Pretty chill day.

  The day before I had spent in Pine Valley with Brad's family for the Robison reunion, while Brad worked all day.  I came home to a clean house and roses.  Such a good surprise!  It really was a nice weekend!!  But, we did want to do a little more celebrating, so we made plans for the next weekend.

Brad and I take turns planning our Anniversaries, so this year it was my turn and I spent quite a while saving money and planning.  I was so excited to surprise Brad!!

Friday after Brad got off work, we drove out to Overton and spent the night with Brad's parents to get the boys all settled, so we could leave them there for a night.  Saturday after we left was when the Anniversary Extravaganza (as I named it) began.  The following are the highlights of the weekend:

- We escaped when Grandma was distracting Kalvin and wouldn't notice us leaving.  We got in the car and I told Brad to head for Henderson.
- We went to Panera for lunch and had the best tomato and mozzarella Panini ever.
- We went to the Mall to kill some time and looked at fishing crap and camping crap.  Every time we go to a Mall we always end up spending the majority of our time at Dick's sportsman warehouse.
- I surprised Brad with a couples massage!!  We've been wanting to do it forever and I found a great deal.  I thought it might be weird, but it totally wasn't.  I thought that maybe Brad would get a smokin' hot massage therapist and that I would be annoyed, but she was a husky, plain therapist who did a good job ;)  It was SO relaxing!!!  So much fun!!
- Next I told Brad where we would be staying... the Hilton at Lake Las Vegas!!  We had never stayed there before, so I was excited!!  We took some wedding photos there 6 years ago, but never really walked around and saw it, so that was cool.
- The hotel is HUGE and empty, so it was kinda weird.  They had to give us a map to find our room and it was seriously the longest maze of hallways and elevators.  If Brad hadn't been there, I probably would have never found our room.  But our room was really pretty.
- It had a really pretty view
- Lake Las Vegas has like its own little village of like shops and restaurants, but again, completely empty, so it was weird.  It was like a really fancy ghost town.
- Then came the next surprise.  I told Brad we had dinner reservations at a place called, Texas de Brazil, a restaurant he has been dying to eat at for years.
- That place was amazing!  If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Brazilian steak house, do it!  And starve for a week in preparation.  There was way too much good food. 
- My favorites include, the cheese rolls, the frozen strawberry lemonade, the parmesan crusted pork loin, the green beans..everything really.  But the lamb... gross.  Its official that lamb is disgusting!
- After dinner Brad told me that while we were on that side of town, we should go to this theatre he had heard about where the seats are recliners, so we headed that way.
-My first time at a movie theatre when I didn't want popcorn, cuz I was still so full.
- There was a weird alone guy that sat right next to Brad who was wearing all these rings and kept rubbing popcorn butter on them and it made us uncomfortable.
- We saw that new Wolverine movie.  It was the dumbest thing ever.  Seriously, I don't even know how it got made.  Wolverine + Ninjas + Robot Ninja = terribleness.  We were laughing so hard.
- The weird alone guy was not laughing.
- We went back to our hotel and slowly made the long trek through the hotel maze to our room.
- We had our traditional Anniversary cookies :)  We went on our honeymoon to Solvang, CA, a little Dutch village that is the cutest thing ever, and we bought these Dutch caramel waffle cookies.  And then on our 1 year Anniversary, we both surprised each other with these same cookies we had separately searched for.  So, now we have them every anniversary.
- We watched the most awesome show from the 90's... Full House.
- We woke up Sunday morning which just happened to also be Brad's 28th birthday.
- He opened a couple presents
- I surprised him yet again with vouchers for a free breakfast at the café there
- It was an enormous and delicious breakfast buffet with everything that you could possibly imagine for breakfast, including omelet chefs.
- It was so fancy that the waiter took it upon himself to put our napkins on our laps and kept saying "very good, sir".
- I think our waiter was a little bit sexist.
- My waffles were the greatest thing ever
- They had a whole entire table of sushi.. for breakfast.
- We went and walked around a little bit outside, but it got too hot.
- My finger got a little bit smashed and was bleeding.
- We started to miss our babies and decided to drive home an hour early.
- Since we were already on that side of town, we drove home the back way to Overton, through the Valley of Fire and Lake Mead.
- We came home to 2 completely content boys who didn't even notice we were gone.
- About half of Brad's family got sick with stomach flu over the weekend, so everyone was a little out of it.
- Brad's Mom made pork chops and potatoes and corn for dinner and some cookie brownies for Brad's birthday cake.
-We all sat around and talked about Scott & Emily's baby that's due in 2 weeks that we are all sure is coming a week early, and Emily & Travis' new house being infested with mice, and all the remodeling that is taking place at Mom and Dads and Us moving out there in a couple weeks, and all the other current news and happenings.
-We drove back to Vegas to go home for one of the very last times and put our babies in their beds and fell asleep feeling very tired and very blessed.

6 years of marriage flew by.  Its been the happiest 6 years of my life and its only getting better :)