Saturday, December 31, 2011

Clark's New Bike

Clark got a Lightening McQueen bike for Christmas
Very excited, but nervous
He is getting too big too fast

Christmas Continued

Okay this Christmas has been crazy!!  With Nathan coming home, Kaitlin coming down, Shawn coming down, Brad's parents coming home from their mission for Christmas, and Erik and Christy visiting from Oklahoma, we pretty much wanted to be everywhere at the same time.. and tried to be as much as possible.  Everyday we have been running back and forth, trying to spend as much time as we can with everyone.  Its been crazy and fun!!  I didnt get half the pictures I wanted to, but we have had a great week and a half.  They have been full of family, drives, way too much good food, games, presents, the best missionary homecoming talk ever, going to the mountains for firewood, chopping firewood, movies, watching Nathan rediscover his favorite music, stomache flu, colds, "Lonesome Dove", Alan Terril's trophy animals, Sugars, naps, pigs, giant race car tracks, missing family that wasnt home with us, watching two very pregnant women and being so happy I am no longer pregnant.. but sooo excited to meet these little babies, laughing at the guys play xbox kinect boxing,  and tons more.  Basically, Brad and I have the most amazing families in the world!!! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was great!!  Clark was sooo excited and it was amazing seeing his sweet little face light up as he was going through his stocking.  We did have to take a little break, cuz he had to throw up in the middle of it all, but thank heavens he got over being sick in just a few hours.  hahaha  Overall, a good Christmas :)

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve wasn't officially Christmas Eve, but we knew things were gonna get pretty crazy come Dec. 24th, so we decided to celebrate a day early, before we went out to the valley.  It was a very relaxed evening.
We let Clark watch a Christmas cartoon before bed
Sound Asleep
After the kids were asleep, we wrapped presents, stuffed stockings, set up Clark's train set, watched a movie and had hot chocolate

Welcome Home Nathan!!!!

My brother Nathan came home from the St. Louis, Missouri Mission on Dec. 20th.  It was such a fun, exciting day and I could not be more proud of him!!!  Its been amazing having him home!
The day after he came home, his girlfriend, Kaitlin drove down to see him.  They are finally together again :)  We love this girl as much as we love Nathan and can't wait for her to officially be family!!

Painting Our Bedroom

I have been wanting to paint our bedroom FOREVER, so Brad, being the sweet man that he is, told me we could do it during his break from school.  So these are the before shots.  Hate this brown color!!!
Kalvin busy staring at his feet while we got ready to paint
AFTER!!!  Its sorta hard to see the exact color from the pictures, but its a light silvery grey color.  We love it!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Kalvin's Blessing

Our sweet little baby was blessed on Dec. 18th!!!  It was such a perfect day.  He was a very good baby :)  We had lots of family and friends that were able to share this special day with us too.