Monday, March 10, 2014

Disneyland Days 3 & 4

The next day we decided to head over to California Adventure and see Cars Land.  That was what we were the most excited for the kids to see!!!
I liked California Adventure, but not as much as Disneyland.  Cars Land was really cool though!!!
And the boys were so ready for some Radiator Springs fun
waiting in line... so many pictures of us waiting in line.
The tractor ride that made me sick
But that Clark clearly loved
Flying tires
Doing a 'Kalvin pose' for the picture
I thought that they did such a good job with Cars Land.  Every tiny detail was so perfect and it looked exactly like the movies.  Clark was in heaven the whole time.
This is him feeling so cool and so big waiting to go on the cars racing ride that was like the happiest moment of little Clarky's whole entire life.
You cant see him very well, but he has never been happier than he was on this ride.
Us on tower of terror.  That ride was too much for me.  I thought that I was going to die.
One of the the most exciting moments of the trip.  Clark just kept screaming, 'I want to touch him!  I want to touch him!'  They were so happy.
Stopped in at Flo's V8 Cafe for a little snack.
We went to watch Disney Jr. live on stage and the kids loved it so much!!  They did Sofia the first, Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  The kids were SO into it.  And theres a part where Sofia needs help doing magic to make it snow and asks the audience to help and then it starts snowing in the theatre and Clark was freaking out, cause he though that he really did magic.  It was adorable!!!
Then after some lunch we headed down to the boardwalk and little Kal fell asleep before too long.
So Grandpa watched the kids while Brad and I went on the big roller coaster California Screamin'.  
I'd been on that one before and it was a lot of fun!  Roller coasters are my favorite rides!!  Im so glad that we went on it when we did though, cause like 10 minutes later it got stuck and we sat and watched them walking people down one of the huge slopes.  I would have freaked out!!
Brad made me go on the ride that goes down the river and I was like, 'I dont want to get wet though, cause its kinda cold' and Brad was like, 'you wont.  I promise.'  Guess who got wet and who didnt?!  Yep.  I was freezing!!!!
But Grandpa shared his coat with me for the parade
And Brad bought us all churros, so it all worked out
The California parade wasnt as awesome as the Disneyland parade.  It was fun though and the boys were excited to see Lightening and Mater again.
Grandma took Clark down to the littel 'build your own car' shop and he got to build a remote control lightening mcqueen race car.  She got a little toddler one for Kalvin and they were just in heaven.  We may have had a few noise complaints from the room below us..
On our last day the weather was perfect!!!  It was suppose to be rainy, but it wasnt at all.
The kids got to meet Mickey and they were so excited.
I thought that they might be a little scared, but they weren't at all.  They went right over and held his hand and hugged him.  It was adorable.
We took Clark on the Cars ride one more time.  
For lunch we went to the Golden Horseshoe Review... I think thats what its called. We got the best chicken nuggets and salad ever and watched a little 20 minute western performance.
It was pretty funny and a nice place to rest after being on our feet all day.
This is Brad being satisfied with his salad
We started to run out of steam a little toward the end of the last day.  We hit a few more rides with the kids.  
they liked winnie the pooh and even had fun in the haunted mansion
Grandma and Grandpa took the kids and let us go play just the two of us for a couple hours.
Brad forced me to go to Captain EO in 3D.  Thats was the worst thing I have ever seen.  Seriously, why the crap was that made.  I was so uncomfortable the whole time.  Shame on Michael Jackson and shame on George Lucas and shame on that other guy whose name I cant remember.  It was really really terrible!!
We went a few more rides. Did some people watching and played an intense game that my family came up with years ago called, 'you and yours'.  Brad always wins.
Then we ended our day at the Jolly Holliday Bakery.  Brad had a roast beef sandwich and homemade potato chips and I had the most amazing tomato basil soup and grilled cheese and then to top it all off, raspberry cheesecake that needed to be like 20 times bigger than it actually was.
We drove home that night, to avoid the crazy storm that was headed our way.  Grandma and I tried to convince the guys that we should just stay a few extra days in California and wait out the storm ;) but they didnt go for it.  haha

It was seriously like the best vacation ever!!!!  It was amazing and we just all had so much fun and I so want to go back...... like now!!!