Friday, December 28, 2012


Oh my goodness!!!  How on earth did the month of December go by so quickly?!?!  Im seriously in shock!!  I guess the good thing is that, although it was as busy as ever, it was wonderful!!!
Brad got through another semester of school!!  So proud of him.  He is amazing! 
We were lucky enough to get to spend time with lots of family this month.  My sister, Autumn and my brother, Shawn flew in and stayed with us for a little while.  It was so fun having them here and we weren't too happy that they had to leave us.  The day they flew out, Brad's brother, Erik, his wife, Christy and their baby girl, Lily flew in from Oklahoma.  So fun seeing them again and finally getting to meet Lily!  Then we drove out to Overton for a fun filled weekend with the Robison family.  What would we do without our family!?  Seriously!  They are awesome!!
On top of that, we had a month of phone calls, visits, gift-giving, parties, christmas cards and treats.  So many great people in our life!!  We're so blessed!!
We had a great Christmas Eve!  We spent the day watching Christmas movies and making cookies for Santa.
For dinner we had homemade turkey noodle soup and rolls
We read the story of Christ's birth from the bible and sang Christmas carols
Then we took some pictures of our incredibly adorable boys
Seriously, they are little baby models
Its tradition that we take a family picture in front of the tree on Christmas Eve, so please dont mind the fact that my hair is not done and Im not wearing a stitch of make-up :S
We decided to let the kids open one gift that night before bed -- A game from their Uncle Austin and Aunt Ewa.  They LOVED IT!!!
So much so, that they had to fight over it
Crazy kids
Clark is super serious about this game
After all the excitement, we put out cookies fot Santa and carrots for his reindeer and went to bed to wait for Santa
And boy did Santa come!
We were all spoiled :)
The kids woke us up at 8:00am.  (love that they let us sleep in)  The very first thing that Clark did was run out to check and see if Santa ate the treats that were left for him.
Kal was sure fast to finish what Santa left behind
Then it was on to stockings full of treats and cars and tanks and pencils and slinkys and oh so much more!
It was amazing!  Kids are amazing!  Seeing their faces as they tour through everything was amazing!
They are just so sweet
They were so happy and so surprised
It was hard for them to move on to other presents after they would open each toy
Brad did a very good job surprising me this year!!  He got me three new bottles of perfume that he picked out, that I love.  A wood burning kit. (Ive been wanting one for quite a while) LOTS of white chocolate and this big present was a Kitchenaid!!!!  Ive been wanting one for years!!!  And although Im pretty sure Brad just got it for me so that I will make him more homemade bread, it was still incredibly sweet of him :)

As far as what I got Brad, I was limitted.  Brad decided he wanted to buy golf clubs a couple months ago and that that would be his Christmas present.  So, I wasnt really suppose to spend much money.  But, I spent about 7 months this year making him a "date box", so I did give that to him.  I pre-planned, pre-paid for 12 dates for next year, one for each month of 2013.  He gets to open the months envelope on the first of each month and see what our date will be.  I had a lot of fun putting it together.  I also got him a hunting knife, a couple movies and a t-shirt I thought he would like.
We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and watched "Peter Pan" and "Robin Hood".  We played with toys and games and layed around mostly all day.
To sum it up, Christmas was perfect this year!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My 27th Birthday

My 27th Birthday was AWESOME for lots of reasons!!  This year, my Birthday fell the day after Thanksgiving.  So, the day before we left for Idaho, Brad had me open a few presents.  A yoga ball, a Don Knotts movie collection and the last present was an envelope with TICKETS TO THE NUTCRACKER AT THE SMITH CENTRE in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was SO surprised and I'll admitt, my eyes did tear up a little bit.  Amazing gift!!!  My husband is amazing.  So, later that night we went and bought the boys new coats for Idaho and then got mexican take-out from my favorite place and then to top the night off, Brad got me cheesecake :)
My actual Birthday was spent in Idaho with all my family.  Could not have asked for a better day!
They all got me the most thoughtful gifts
For lunch we all went out to my favorite pizza place.  They dont have Pier 49 in Nevada, so anytime we're in Utah or Idaho, this is a treat!
My Mom made me a pumkin roll for my birthday cake :)
Then came December 15th, the day of The Nutcracker!  My sister Autumn and my brother Shawn were staying with us, so they watched the kids while Brad took me out on my Birthday date.  We went to Outback where I tried lobster for the first time ever
(Sorry for all the low quality pics)
The Smith Centre is beautiful!!!
The Nutcracker--Outstanding!!!  One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!!!!  I was in heaven.  Im so lucky to have such a sweet husband!! 

Thanksgiving in Idaho

Thanksgiving in Idaho was amazing this year!!  We had almost the whole family(Greyson had to stay in Wellington for work) together in Mom and Dad's new house.
We played outside a lot.  It was freezing, but the kids didnt seem to mind :)
Clark was so happy to be Jaden's side-kick for a few days
Brad and I did the turkey
It didn't turn out quite the way we wanted, but oh well.
The Thanksgiving spread
My amazing parents that were so sweet to host this crazy holiday and let us all crash at their gorgeous new house
Clark was so excited for the carrots
We spent a lot of time looking at old pictures and watching old videos
Nathan and Kaitlin
The baby girl bump :)
Austin and Ewa
Cute Mom and Dad
Trying to get a good picture.....
And trying......
And trying.......
Good enough :)
Our darling boys!!
Could just stare at those faces forever
So sweet
My family is so amazing and I cant wait for us to all be together again!!!!!  (Hopefully with Greyson too next time)