Saturday, June 21, 2014

Goodbye to the Valley!!!

Well tomorrow is the big day!!!  After too many days apart, Brad surprised us all and came home in the middle of the night Thursday and about gave me a heart attack.  I need to start expecting the unexpected with him.  It was quite the two weeks for him living in a tiny(and when I say tiny, I mean tiny) apartment all alone with no hot water at first and not enough room in the kitchen to open the oven and sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor that had truck sheets on it.  I think it will be quite memorable for him.  He called me about a week into his stay and said that he officially did not want to ever get a divorce. haha  Good to know ;)

The majority of our stuff is all packed up, Post Office box keys turned in, check-list is getting smaller and smaller.  Moving is so bitter-sweet!  We have only been back here for 10 months, but it has been a really great 10 months.  And although we are SO ready to move forward with our life, it is going to be so hard to leave.  We have absolutely loved being so close to so much family and so many friends.  We really do love it here.  Both mine and Brad's childhood took place here and we are beyond happy that we got to share a little piece of that with our two boys.  That a little part of their childhood will have a lot of the same things in it that ours did.  

We are going to miss so much about living here. The pretty mesas and watching the baby quail.  And the pomegranates for sure!  But more than anything, we are going to miss the people.  So many people here that we love so much.  Good thing we can always come home.  And we will.  Lots.

Goodbye Moapa Valley!  Hello Lovelock!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brad Moved :(

{he always tries to ruin my pictures by acting like a weirdo, but I dont care.  I post them anyway ;) }

Well, its official.  After a week of packing and planning, Brad moved up to Lovelock today.  We cant close on our house until he has at least one paycheck, so he had to start working, but that meant leaving me and the boys behind for a few weeks.  We got him a crappy little apartment there that you can rent month-to-month that has linoleum floors through-out, even in the living room it looked like and he took an air mattress and some camping chairs and a tv. Can I just say that this really sucks?!  I may have cried a few time last night.... and today.  Brad may have made me promise that I will do something, anything fun at least once a day so that he doesn't have to worry as much about me crying my eyes out each day he is gone.  I may need someone to come sleep in my bed every night for the next month who will toss and turn and kick me all night so that I can actually get some sleep.  I may be super worried about him getting sick or not eating or not matching his belt and shoes at work or dying somehow.  At least it is only a month.  At least I am staying with people I love.  At least he is good about calling and texting and making me laugh!  Still though, it is going to be a looooooong month!!!

Cedar City Trip

So over Memorial Day weekend we decided it would be fun to take a spontaneous trip up to Cedar City and visit Scott & Emily, because we love trips and spontaneity and Scott & Emily.
We got up there just in time for dinner
So we all drove up into the mountains and had delicious dutch oven chicken and potatoes.  I am still craving them!!!
We got to hang out with some of our favorite people
Including my favorite baby to squish
Kal somehow ended up with marshmallow, soda and dirt and ash all over his little face
But I still love him
The next day we woke up and headed back up the mountain, because why not
We drove til we found a good spot to hike out to
And ate muffins
and peaches
And tried to take a couple pictures
Every time we have to leave this mountain we cant remember why we haven't made it a priority to live there.  Maybe one day....
Later we met back up with Scott and Em and had sandwiches at our favorite park
I love watching the boys play in the same park and same river that I use to play in as a kid every time we would go to Cedar to visit my Grandmother & Grandfather Terry.
Then the sad time came when we had to say goodbye to this little chunk and her parents.  Hopefully we will get to see them again really soon!  And hopefully one day we will live on the same street and Em and I can open up a shop together where we sell something fun like, furniture or ice cream or baby clothes.

Another Little Man

We are in such shock and awe that we are so blessed to be getting ANOTHER little boy!!!  We were surprised for sure.  haha  We thought that it must be a girl because 1) I had been so very sick this time around and 2) I have not been able to eat even the tiniest bit of meat without getting sick, this entire pregnancy.  Even just a couple bites of white meat chicken makes me sick.  This kid is not a fan.  So when that ultrasound tech said that it was a boy, we just stared at the screen and at each other and again at the screen.....  So, pretty much we are having another perfect little Brad/Clark/Kalvin mix.  I try constantly to try and picture what his little face looks like, but I just picture one of my 3 boys faces.  We cant wait to meet him.  (although Brad isn't quite sure what to think about having a vegetarian boy ;) )

The 2nd trimester has been going well.  (even though we are having an impossible time trying to think of another boy name ) I seem to have more difficult pregnancies each time I get pregnant.  This time around, even though I'm no longer sick, I have a good amount of pain.  I get cramps several times a day.  They go away when I stay off my feet.  I still get those darn sharp pains shooting across my abdomen that are totally random and annoying... I feel so dumb, because I barely have a baby bump at all, and randomly that pain hits and I stop and grab my stomach like I am having a contraction or something and I am sure people are like, 'what the crap?'  Oh well.  I also have been having a passing out problem.  I mean, I have had trouble with randomly getting super dizzy and passing out since I was 16.  It hasn't really happened much the last few years, but of course, this pregnancy has kicked it in to over-drive.  I get dizzy several times a day and have passed out a few times.  I have to be really careful about being out in the heat or doing anything too strenuous or even just standing up.  Its embarrassing.  And makes me feel overly fragile these days.

But......... I have started feeling the little buddy moving and kicking several times a day and it makes it all worth it!!!!  He seems super active, just like Kalvin.  I cant wait for the kicks to get harder, so that his Dad and brothers can feel them!!  Brad was lucky enough to feel a tiny little kick one night last week, because he sat with his hand on my tummy for like an hour while we watched tv.

So, to sum things up, Brad and I are awesome at making boys, we are a little stressed at the thought of sending out 3 missionaries right in a row down the road, everything is progressing nicely and we cant wait to meet him!!!!