Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Overton

I am just going to warn you.. this is the Christmas of way too many pictures!  Actually, maybe its maybe its more the Christmas of babies.  And lots of family.  And sickness.  Its the Christmas of a lot of stuff.

The boys waited oh so patiently for Dad to get home from work on Tuesday.  As soon as he walked in the door, we jumped in the car and were off on our way to Overton!

Its been like 6 months since we had been home.  I think thats the longest we've ever gone since we have been married.  It felt a little weird, but as soon as we came up over that hill and saw our little valley hometown, it just felt like it always feels.  Like we were home. 

We walked in the door to find Mom and Dad and Erik and Christy and their two little ones and Christmas exploded all over the place :)  Grandma even put a Christmas tree in the little boy's room and they were SO excited!!  So that first night we visited and passed Jonas around and then finally went to sleep. 

The next day was Christmas Eve!!  Yay!!  It was full of family and it was awesome!!  Jonas met his two cousins, Parker and Ethan and it was amazing! 

Apparently Santa visits Grandma's house on Christmas and Christmas Eve.  Clarky found these on the front porch and each of them was a fun, new game for everyone to play together. 

It was a giant awesome mess!  There were games everywhere and babies everywhere and shouting and laughing and food and it just felt so great being back in the middle of all of it.

Travis and Emily came over and brought their teeny tiny Warren!!  He was born just a few days before and I love him so much! 

He looks just like Keldon! 

It was beyond great seeing Scott and Emily with two babies!!!  Brielle is incredible.  She is such a sober little girl and its hilarious and Ethan is just about as perfect as a baby can be!  His face just kills me.  And Scott and Emily are just the cutest parents ever!!  

Unfortunately in the midst of all the fun, Kalvin came down with a fever and sore throat and was kinda miserable :(   

We got to see Kirt and Pauline and all of their family, including their little college goer, Ambree :)  We just don't see any of them enough.  Ambree is gorgeous and loving BYU, all the boys are gigantic and seem so old and little Anna just doesnt seem so little anymore.  Shes so tall and beautiful and the next time we see all these kids they are going to be even more grown up! 

Eventually it was time for baths and getting ready for bed.  We heard something down stairs and the boys ran in to their room to find that Guzzle the Elf had followed us all the way from Lovelock to bring the boys Christmas jammies from the North Pole.  There was lots of debate between the two about weather he flew to Overton or just held onto the back of the car. 

We have a family picture in front of the tree on Christmas Eve for every year since we've been married.  They are never real cute.  Mostly just us in jammies looking tired and worn out, but I sorta love it!  Oh how things change from year to year!  I love looking back at that very first Christmas Eve when Brad and I had only been married a few months :) 

Clark made this super cute plate at school and we opened it up on Christmas Eve.  We put cookies on it for Santa, but Clark wasn't feeling it, so we just left the plate next to the plate of cookies haha. 

The boys woke up about 7:15 Christmas morning.  Brad ran into their room saying that he heard something upstairs and they jumped out of bed and booked it up the stairs.   

Santa left a ton of stuff.  He always goes overboard.  They got a teepee and cars and candy and morphers (from power rangers) and nerf guns and games and movies and hats and underwear and a scooter. 

Kalvin got a toy cash register from Grandma and Grandpa Merkley and a flashlight and towel from Grandma and Grandpa Robison 

Clark got a puzzle from Grandma and Grandpa Merkley and a flashlight and towel from Grandma and Grandpa Robison. 

Grandma and Grandpa Merkley also got them a fun new game and they got Jonas a teddy bear and Brad and I a set of gorgeous new mugs.  Mom knows I love my hot chocolate :) 

Grandma and Grandpa got us flashlights and towels and Jonas got a cute little toy and new towel. 

Jonas got his bouncey seat and a blessing outfit and moose hat.  He was unimpressed. 

But we got good reactions from the older two ;) 

Jaden sent us a ginormous box of chocolate and Brad was a little scared 

Kalvin gave up on opening presents about halfway through and wanted to just sit on daddy's lap. 

Jonas didnt really fit in his hat.  Its too tight and squeezes his poor giant head and makes him cry.   

Brad was awesome and got me a tripod and a remote shutter for my camera and I cant wait to play with them!!!

Brad just wanted ammo for Christmas, so thats boring.  I did get him a few new shirts though.

So we pretty much just spent the day playing with all our new toys 

And eating chocolate 

And taking pictures 

And feeding Jonas, because he is under the impression that nothing else matters 

Sweetest Christmas baby!! 

Parker was super chill, as always 

Kelby and Lauralyn are so cute :) 

Brad and I took the kids for a little ride around town to see all the old sites.  We talked about how we thought our life would be different if we had decided to stay in the valley instead of moving to Lovelock.  We miss family, but both feel like we made the right decision. 

So after a eating the ridiculously huge prime rib Brad brought home for the family and lots more talking and laughing with family, we decided it was time to call it a day and mark it as another awesome Christmas for the record books. 

The next day was a busy one!  Brad had surprised me and booked a photographer to take family pictures for us!!  I have been so excited for this!!  I bought us all new, coordinating outfits and went Friday morning to get my hair cut and highlighted.  We met Tara, the photographer and went to these pretty fields on the edge of town and even though it was cold, all three boys were little trooper.  They smiled and were patient and Kalvin only cried twice.  Even Jonas was pretty good for his photos.  I cant wait to get them back!!! 

We brought the babies home after and gave them hot chocolate and doughnuts and they were pretty happy about that :) 

So then we just got to see family some more 

This tiny boy came back over for a visit and made me sad that Jonas isn't a newborn anymore 

And then just as we were finalizing plans to get together with Brady and Jessica, Kalvin walked into the room crying because his ear was hurting him.  Unfortunately we dont mess around with this boys ears, cause we have had lots of problems with them.  So of course the quickcare in Logandale was closed and of course there was no pharmacy open late in Mesquite, so of course we had to drive him in to Vegas. 

Luckily we found an Urgent Care that was open so we didnt have to take him to the ER.  We barely made it in time and had to wait an hour before they could see us.  And then they got us back there and we had t wait forever.  Brad probably sang Bushel and a Peck 100 times for kalvin. 

But our poor little baby got some antibiotics and we got to get home before midnight. 

But even with all the craziness, we were sure we didn't miss this photo opportunity 

Parker, Ethan, Jonas and Warren 

Guess which two babies were planned and which two were a surprise ;) 

One day we will take a picture of all four of them with their missionary badges :) 

And of course the siblings with their babies 

And Grandma and Grandpa with their 4 grandsons 

Jonas is starting to really find his smile and it makes me so happy 

So since we didnt get to go out with Brady and Jessica, we ran over Saturday morning for just an hour so we could see them before they went back home. 

Brad and Brady have been best friends since childhood 

And now they have babies only one week apart 

Jonas and Scarlett are destined to be married.  There is just no way around it. 

Man do we miss them!!! 

After seeing the Stratton's, I left Brad with two sick boys (yes two.  Clark got sick too) and took Jonas to Bunkerville to meet his Great Grandma and Grandpa Merkley. 

Things were crazy, but I am so glad that I was able to go up and see them.  They are the sweetest and always make me feel so loved.   

And I am so glad that they could meet our newest little buddy.  Grandma held him the whole time and Grandpa just stared at him, smiling.  They are the best! 

I got home to a house full of sickies. 

Kalvin didnt let that keep him from playing with his best bud Keldon.  My gosh I miss seeing them together everyday! 

As luck would have it, Lily got sick and so did Brielle. 

It was a giant mess of crying babies and toddlers, throwing up, juice and medicine and parents and grandparents with bloodshot eyes.  Hahaha  I couldnt help but laugh at what a mad house it was. 

I guess thats what you get when you put that many kids together in one house 

But it was completely worth it and I cant wait to do it again in a few months hopefully. 

But maybe without the sickness.  That would be nice. 

Saturday night we FINALLY slept.  All 5 of us.  Til 9am.  We needed it! 

We dragged our feet packing up to leave and saying goodbye, but I must admit, it was a whole lot easier knowing that Erik and Christy will be moving up to the Carson City area in just a couple weeks!  Thats only like an hour and a half from us!!!  Yay!! 

The drive home was uneventful except for Kalvin throwing up once, but that just doesnt even phase us anymore.  Or him.  Other than that, all 3 boys slept like the entire trip, so that was nice.  Just a quiet, quick trip. 

And now we are home with a mountain of laundry to wash and bags to unpack and Christmas to pack up, but the boys woke up feeling better and Jonas has been smiling all day, so its all good.

 It was a very merry, very memorable Christmas!!!!