Sunday, March 25, 2012

Class BBQ

We had a BBQ for Brad's Class on Saturday
It was a lot of fun!!  I love meeting all his classmates.
There was LOTS of food and all so good!!
Clark was very social!!  He loved all the attention from these sweet girls who let him go through their purses and play with their phones and put lip gloss on them.  He is a little flirt!!
(Photos courtesy: Beren Shah.  Awesome photographer!!!!)

Thrift Store Shopping

I found these super creepy clowns that you stack on top of each other at a thrift store the other day. 
I love thrift stores!!!  I have found some amazing deals!!
Seriously, how creepy are those clowns?!?!
I found this at a thrift store in new condition for $20.00.  A month later, Brad and I were at Deseret Book and saw the exact same one for $75.00.  Awesome!!!
These were 50 cents each and I love them
I got these for $3.00 and they are in great condition and perfect for my brother's wedding next month!
Books are expensive!!!  Not at thrift stores though.  These were $1.00 each and brand new.  I find soooo many good deals on books.
This is the coat I just bought.  I'd been needing one and coats are so expensive too!!  I found this with the tags still on for $9.00.  I think that even if I were a millionaire, I would shop at thrift stores every now and again :)

Monday, March 19, 2012


With two kids, bedtime has to be pretty routine every night.  First is bath time.

Then clean up all the toys and stories

Then their favorite part is going in to the office to say goodnight to dad
Clark jumps all over him
Then while I put Clark to bed, dad says goodnight to Kalvin
We're so lucky that these boys go to bed so easy (most nights)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Lily Jean Robison

Lily Jean Robison

Im an Aunt again!!!!  Erik and Christy's sweet little girl decided to arrive three weeks early and was born on March 10th 2012.  She had a few little complications, but got to come home from the NICU today.  Im dying!!  I want to hold her so bad!!  She is just sooo cute and I cant wait to see Erik and Christy as parents.  They are so funny and so cute!  Im just so excited for them!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Time!!!

Spring is here and we are loving it!!!!
We spend all day outside in our tiny, but beautiful back yard
For FHE tonight, we decided to put in our garden
Cant wait for home-grown veggies!!  They just taste so much better!
My little side-kick
Cutest chubby little hand!!
This is his "I want to do it by myself" face
And so he did :)