Monday, February 17, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things I Love

 I love anything lemon!  Lemonade, lemon cookies, lemon cake.  I must have some sort of citrus deficiency. 
I love weekends.
I love when we all sleep in til 9:30.
I love going hiking.
I love watching Brad teach Clark to be brave and adventurous.
....a little too adventurous.  I was just waiting for Clark to fall and break something.
I love the red mesas.
I love that anytime we go anywhere outdoors, the boys come home with pockets full of rocks.
I love the song 'Team' by Lorde more than I should admit.
I love when Brad buys me a club sandwich from Inside Scoop for lunch
I love when Brad takes me for rides to take pictures with my glorious camera
I love taking family pictures.  Not because taking family pictures is enjoyable or anything, but because I LOVE seeing old family pictures from both mine and Brad's families. Or grandparents and great-grandparents family pictures.  Even people I don't really know.  I just love seeing the way that families grow and change.  So I love the thought of looking at these photos 50 years from now, or even Clark and Kalvin looking at them when they are old.
I love Sunday
I love the face that Brad makes when he thinks that you are kinda funny, but kinda stupid.
I love that even though its February, this valley has decided that it is Spring
I love how the valley smells as the winter wears off -- the alfalfa field smell!
I love that we are already back in shorts and t-shirts.
I love what good buddies these two are.
I love watching these boys play.
Especially when its with their Dad.
I love that Clark and Kalvin both have blankets that they cant live with out.  Clark's is one that Brad won in a school contest as a kid and was falling apart, so Brad's Mom sewed a new back on it and Clark loves it to pieces.  Kalvin's is a pink kitty blanket that my Grandma Merkley made and gave to us when Kalvin was born, because she got us confused with a cousin who had a baby girl close to the same time and thought Kal was a girl.  Doesn't bother Kalvin.  He cant be without his kitty blanket.
I love listening to the boys play 'I Spy'.
I love these two in basket ball shorts.
I love Sunday dinners.
I love when family comes to visit.
I love this chubby baby girl.
I love that I can bug Emily with any and all photography questions.
I love animal faces on the bums of baby jammies.
I love seeing my babies holding babies.
And I love that anything small reminds them of Brielle.  A bug - Brielle.  A baby animal - Brielle.  A small apple slice - Brielle.  A small toy or book - Brielle.  Its hilarious.
I love watching Clark help Grandpa with his boots.
I love when the kids are crazy and rambunctious.
I love when the boys wear beanies that are too big for their heads.
I love when Brad has jury duty, texts me and asks me if I think that a 'jury box selfie' would be inappropriate and then gets dismissed and gets home at like 2:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, so he takes me and the kids for a ride in the Viking.
I love exploring new trails.
I love getting new shoes that are so comfortable they feel like I'm walking on clouds.
I love Clarky's hat-hair.
I love my incredibly comfortable blink 182 sweat shirt.
I love that when Kalvin is upset, he use to always say 'I never get what I want', but now has shortened it to 'I never'.  So now every time he is upset and crying, he just shouts 'I never' and sounds super fancy and old-school british. 
I love Red Rock and all of the memories of family picnics that come back to me when I'm there.
I love getting Clark to show off his muscles.
I love the feel of the freezing cold sand.
I love these two boys.
I love everything that happens when this boy gets ahold of my camera.
I love all the pictures he takes.
And how serious he is about it.
I love this pretty  little valley we live in.
I love this man and how much he makes me laugh everyday.
I love going to visit G&G Merkley and getting to see Uncle David and going to eat at a 50's diner where Grandma insists that I have half of her chef salad to go with my waffle. 

I love that for some reason, Merkleys, including my Dad, love thousand island salad dressing.

I love that my Grandma calls suckers, 'all-day-lollis' and that she always has some in her pocket for the kids.... just like when I was a kid.
I love baby kisses and hugs.