Friday, November 30, 2012

Trip to Idaho

Our trip to Idaho was actually a lot of fun!!  We split it up between two days.  We drove a few hours and stopped in Ely for the night
The kids were super excited to be in a hotel
They spent like two hours turning the lamps off and on
It was a pretty nice hotel and the kids slept great.  It was like a million degrees in our room though, so Brad and I didnt get a whole lot of sleep.  At least the breakfast was good :)
The next day we started back on the road
It was really fun.  We drove up through Nevada and I finally got to see some more of the state that Ive spent like my whole life living in.  We drove up through some towns neither Brad or I have ever been to, like Elko and Eureka. 
It was surprisingly pretty!  Nevada is a much prettier state than I realized
The kids were very happy sleeping, watching cartoons and eating snacks
Brad and I got to listen to newly downloaded music and discuss in depth what we would do in a zombie apocolyps
One os Brad's and my FAVORITE things to do is find weird, small towns to explore
Nevada is perfect for that :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Veteran's Day Weekend

For Veteran's Day weekend, we went out to stay in Overton, because that is just what we do whenever we get a weekend off.  Emily and Travis, being the wonderful people that they are, let us crash at their house.  And, we lucked out, cuz their trip to Circleville fell through, so we got to spend the whole weekend with them!
When we woke up Saturday morning, it was just too beautiful a day to not spend the majority of it outside :)  So we packed up the gear and headed out to the "secret" sand dunes.
The kids were just in heaven
And I have to admit, us adults had a lot of fun too
Even though Im still trying to get the sand out of our clothes
There was just a light breeze and it really started to feel like Fall in Nevada
Clark and Kate spent time digging in the sand looking for rocks that they were sure pirates had burried
haha  This picture makes me laugh, cuz Brad looks like such a weirdo over there
Sand Angel
Kal is eating dirt and apparently Clark thinks its pretty funny
We of course went shooting, because Im married to Brad and I dont think we can ever go out without some target practice
Clark (and Brad) was overjoyed when he hit one of the cans dead-on and it went spinning into the air.  He had the biggest smile on his face the whole drive home
Kate and her rock collection
After we scrubbed the sand out of the babies as best we could, we headed down to go old MVHS to see the last little bit of the pirate play-offs. 
Clark had a blast all weekend with his cousins!  Playing hide-and-go-seek in the dark, jumping on the trampoline, and there was a whole lot of screaming and laughing.  When we were getting ready to leave, he asked me if we could stay at Emmy's forever
Kalvin had fun too.  He is finally starting to warm up to people a little more. (thank heavens)  He had one sad moment when he rolled down the stairs.  I guess now both he and Clark have had that adventure
Before we knew it, it was Monday and we were down on Main watching the Veteran's Day parade.  It was pretty short this year.  I was surprised.
Clark got way too much candy that he was thrilled with, but that we "accidentally" left in Overton
Brad looking disappointed haha
Love these weekends so much!! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


For Halloween we didnt do tons during the day.  Brad was at school all day and me and the boys spent the day watching cartoons and eating snacks.  Then when Brad got home, we grabbed our stuff and drove out to the valley.  As soon as we came up over that hill, it really started to feel like Halloween.  It was starting to get dark and all the houses had their porch lights on and jack-o-lanterns all lit up, just waiting for trick-or-treaters!
We had some of Emily's delicious lasagna and skyped with Grandma and Grandpa Robison to tell Grandpa happy birthday and then we went out trick-or-treating.
Clark was so excited and happy.  Every door they went to, he would say "trick-or-treat... Im a Police Officer".  I think the highlight of his night was when a guy at one of the houses said "goodnight officer!".  He has told me that story like 30 times today... and I was there.
Clark was very proud of the fact that he wasnt scared.  He kept informing people that Halloween is just pretend. 
Kalvin didnt really trick-or-treat.  He was thrilled with walking around on the dark, empty street and seeing Clark and his cousins ruuning around screaming and laughing!
When we came home, Clark only wanted two pieces of candy and then he was done.  He just wanted to share the rest with everyone, the little sweetie. 
We got to watch some Robison home videos that were the gratest thing ever!!  I got to see Brad as a little thirteen year old and he was adorable.  Now I know where our little boys get it from.  It was a great night.  We didnt get home til late and the boys were exhausted, but it was all so worth it.  It was a very happy Halloween!!!