Monday, August 22, 2011


What an awesome weekend!!  We decided since Brad had a little time off school, we'd get out of the heat for a few days.  We went up to Circleville, UT with the Packs for the weekend
On Saturday we drove up the mountain and had a pic-nic
The weather was so nice!!!  We couldn't get enough time outside
We went down to the lake and Clark and Kate had a lot of fun throwing rocks in the water
After we got back to the cabin, we decided to play croquet
Pretty stiff competition
We've played so often this summer that Clark has actually gotten pretty good :)
We went for a nice little drive in the ranger.  Clark loved it!!
On our ride we saw this big snake that Brad just HAD to taunt... Thank heavens we left with no snake bites though
On our drive home we decided to take our time and stopped at Cedar Breaks
It was such a fun trip!!!


  1. How did I not know about your blog?? These pictures are gorgeous...makes me want to go somewhere a little more exciting than the desert.

  2. Excellent pictures and it sure looks like Brad will be well-rested a ready to work hard next week! ;)