Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Baby Is Here!!!

Kalvin Spence Robison

Our little boy is finally here!  It feels like we were waiting forever and yet at the same time it seems like we were just barely finding out that we were pregnant.  The birth went so well and so fast.  We have been so worried about everything all working out with Brad's school and Clark and everything else that goes along with having a baby.  It all went so much better than we ever could have hoped for.  My parents happened to be in Vegas right when I started to have contractions, so they were able to come get Clark and take him home with them.  It all happened on a saturday, so Brad didn't have to miss any school.  We spent all day the day before getting all the last little things ready for the baby and the shopping done.  We were more than ready when we woke up saturday morning.  After my parents came and got Clark, we had just enough time to get my bag packed and head to the hospital.  We were only at the hospital a few hours before we were holding our sweet little Kalvin.  We still can't believe how perfectly it all happened.  We are so happy to have our baby here with us and so blessed that everything went so well and that we have so much amazing family and friends that have been such a help to us.  Kalvin is amazing and the most wonderful addition to our family!!  

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