Friday, December 2, 2011

Just More Pictures

This is a pretty boring post, since nothing much has happened this week.  We've just been trying to recover from the holiday weekend, get over being sick and Brad has been prepping for finals.  Just thought I would put up some pictures of our adorable little boys!!!  I can't take enough pictures of them :)
Watching tv together.  I cant believe that Kalvin is two months and is entertained by tv!
.....I just wanna bite those cheeks so bad!
Clark smacked into a wall on his way to bed.  He wasnt bleeding or anything, but wouldn't quit crying until he had a bandaid on his head.


  1. Hahahaha the one of Clark pointing at Kalvin kills me. I love those boys!!!

  2. haha the band-aid thing is ADORABLE! :o)
    ps love the braid in your hair.