Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My 27th Birthday

My 27th Birthday was AWESOME for lots of reasons!!  This year, my Birthday fell the day after Thanksgiving.  So, the day before we left for Idaho, Brad had me open a few presents.  A yoga ball, a Don Knotts movie collection and the last present was an envelope with TICKETS TO THE NUTCRACKER AT THE SMITH CENTRE in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was SO surprised and I'll admitt, my eyes did tear up a little bit.  Amazing gift!!!  My husband is amazing.  So, later that night we went and bought the boys new coats for Idaho and then got mexican take-out from my favorite place and then to top the night off, Brad got me cheesecake :)
My actual Birthday was spent in Idaho with all my family.  Could not have asked for a better day!
They all got me the most thoughtful gifts
For lunch we all went out to my favorite pizza place.  They dont have Pier 49 in Nevada, so anytime we're in Utah or Idaho, this is a treat!
My Mom made me a pumkin roll for my birthday cake :)
Then came December 15th, the day of The Nutcracker!  My sister Autumn and my brother Shawn were staying with us, so they watched the kids while Brad took me out on my Birthday date.  We went to Outback where I tried lobster for the first time ever
(Sorry for all the low quality pics)
The Smith Centre is beautiful!!!
The Nutcracker--Outstanding!!!  One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!!!!  I was in heaven.  Im so lucky to have such a sweet husband!! 

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