Saturday, August 17, 2013

Packing Up

The real packing has commenced.  Up until now we've just been doing the light stuff.  The stuff in the garage.  The stuff we haven't seen in years anyway.  But now we are in to the thick of it.  You know, the kind of packing that destroys your entire house and everything is out of order and you cant find anything, no matter how organized you're trying to be.
The boxes are slowly taking over
Which the boys are very pleased with
Shelves and closets and walls are looking sad and empty
Im getting ridiculously nostalgic and that is not helping this process ;)
But at the same time, Im so ready and anxious to just get moved and started with this next chapter
Clark reminds me constantly that "we get to do whatever we want at Grandma's"
There is going to be a sad realization for either him or me...
Either way, how different life will be a month from now
And as I pack away so much of our stuff, knowing it will be in storage for a year, I cant help but think about how different things will be a year from now, when we are finally unpacking all these other boxes.
I just need to find a way to keep up the motivation
Maybe I should pack up my kitchen now, so Brad has to take me out to eat at all my favorite Las Vegas restaurants before we go... ;)
Oh so many happy days in this house
Even more happy days ahead :)

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  1. Packing and moving seriously sucks! But you get through it, and there is a new and exciting part of your life. Good luck! :)