Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things We Are Looking Forward To

The other day, this sunset happened.  I had spent the day worrying and stressing and then as I walked by a window and saw the colors of the sky out of the corner of my eye, it looked like the back yard was on fire.  I went and stood on the back lawn and was filled with all sorts of overwhelmingly peaceful feelings. 

Everything will work out.

So instead of being a crazy mess of confused anxiety in regards to our future and making decisions and what not, I am going to make a list of all of the amazing things our family is looking forward to in the next 6 months........

- Brad has only 2 1/2 WEKS left of his last internship!

- Valentine's Day!!!!  Its one of my very favorite holidays!!!

- After Brad finishes, the very next week we are going to DISNEYLAND!!!!  We are going with his parents and we will be there for like a week and its the kids first time going and I am so excited I could just die!!!!!

- After we get back from California, Brad is finally having shoulder surgery.  I am a little nervous, but he has been in pain for so long.  Plus, his recovery means I get to see him and take care of him and I love that!! 

- Kalvin is finally going to see the doctor who decides weather or not he should get tubes put in his ears.  This has been a year and a half in the making.  He really needs them!!  With ear infections every 2 weeks, surgery would make life so much easier and happier for everyone, especially Kal.  Again, surgery makes me a little nervous, but its going to be the best thing for him. 

- I am using this whole Disneyland trip to justify buying some new, really good shoes!!  They are like ballet flats with a maryjane strap, but are like tennis shoes with support and stuff.  I am so excited.  I've been having feet problems and pain and I need them.  I am getting old and flip flops just aren't cutting it anymore.

- Kalvin has started showing lots of interest in the potty.  He has tried changing his own diaper twice now and screams at the bathroom door whenever Clark is in there saying, 'Clarky, I need to watch what you're doing!'  So I think he is getting ready to head down that road soon.  I love the thought of another potty-trained child!!

- Brad is in the process of deciding weather he should take the board exam in April or July.  He isn't sure if we will be quite ready for it in April, but maybe.  Things are starting to get so real all of the sudden.

- As stressful as it is, its also super fun and exciting talking about possible ideas and plans for our future.  I love that Brad is finally talking about it.  I have been for years, but Brads not so much that way.  He is very good at being more in the moment and focusing on whats going on now instead of filling his head with whats going to be happening 10 years from now... like I do.  So everyday he comes home and has some new idea or some new place to consider.  Its fun to be at this point.

- When Brad was looking into graduate school, he was told that the UNLV DPT program had never had a student graduate without several job offers.  That's just how awesome the program is!  And you know what?  Its true.  Brad has already had job offers and that is a really cool feeling!  He is so amazing :)

- Ummm hello, Easter!!!  I love Easter even more than I love Valentine's Day!!  And just Spring in general is awesome!!  I already have stuff for Easter baskets.  Yes, I am crazy.

-GRADUATION!!!!!!!!  I cant even describe how amazing that day is going to be.  After years and years of work, my husband will have his Doctorate!!!!  Be prepared for a seriously braggy blog post dedicated to Brad on that day!!

- A family vacation.  I don't know where we will go or what we will do or how long we will go, but sometime this Summer, after Brad Graduates, we are going, just the four of us, on a little family vacation.  Something we've never really done before. 

- A new house!!!  Oh the thought makes me so happy.  As wonderful as it has been living here on Robison Ave. ( and it really has been so wonderful ) I miss having my own home.  A place to decorate and clean and organize.  I miss it so much and am so excited to have that again in a few months.  Most likely we wont be buying right away, but I am okay with that. 

- Having an income again.  We have been living off of student loans for so long and its HARD.  Its hard not having steady paychecks coming in and being able to save and plan.  Seems like the school has messed up our amounts so many times and we have planned for more and got way less and its just stressful.  I cant wait to be normal adults in that respect ;)

- We are all just so happy to be closing the book on this whole school chapter of our life.  Its been a long, crazy, hard, lovely 7 years, but we are so ready to find out whats next and just settle into our lives a little more.  So many changes headed our way......


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  1. Disneyland! Jealous! I can't wait to see the pictures of your cute boys there.