Monday, March 10, 2014

Disneyland Days 1 & 2

The drive to California went pretty fast.  The kids were happy playing on G&G's kindles like the entire time and Grandma was happy doting on the boys and Grandpa was happy with his map and his GPS and navigating the crap out our trip and Brad and I were just super thrilled cause when we stopped in Barstow, there was totally a guy who had tatooed and scarred his face to look just like the joker and he even had long green hair.  It was surreal.

When we got to the hotel, Kalvin just wanted to rest.
I think Grandpa did too :)
Clark just wanted more time on the kindle
But Grandma was able to get everyone out for a walk around downtown Disney.  I loved it!  
Like my favorite thing ever was the Disney art gallery!!
And now Im sure that I cant live without this Jungle Book painting
Or this amazing Peter Pan paining.
Brad's parents decided to take us to the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner and I love love loved that place!!!  It was SO fun!!!  The kids were crazy about it and the food was amazing too!!!
While we were eating the kids would get so excited when the lights would dim and all the animals would start moving around and making noises.  They thought it was so cool.  All except for the gorilla behind Kalvin.  He kept a suspicious eye on that one.
Soon enough it was time for bed.  We moved one of the queen beds to the corner of the room and put Clark on the edge so that Kal wouldnt roll out of bed.  He did great the first night, but the second one he rolled out of bed like 3 times.  And those beds were high!  For the last night, we got him a crib.  It may have looked like a crib from a haunted hospital, but it worked.
The next morning we were up early and down on the veranda to eat a whole lot of waffles.  I may have had to fight a woman for the waffle iron, because she didnt think it was fair that I was making breakfast for myself AND my kids and someone may have walked off with my cup of juice, but it was a good breakfast nonetheless. 
Can I just be honest with you for moment?  I never really got the Disneyland obsession.  Like Ive always thought it would be fun to take kids there, but I didnt get why adults love it so much.  I mean, people are really crazy about Disneyland.  Well, I finally get it.  I LOVE Disneyland.  Its so blasted cute, I cant stand it!!  Everything is cute!  Everything!  And theres the happiest music playing as you walk up to the park and then you go through the gates and its like walking into Mary Poppins or Music Man.  So amazing!!!  I could spend forever just walking through the shops and eating all the food.  Ohhhhh the food!
The crowds are another story.  Oh my gosh.  I almost punched a few people in the throat for being way too in my personal space, but I guess that just goes with the territory.
Don't we just look so excited?!
Brad being a lady
All that attitude 
And Clark was just super serious about the whole situation
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Waiting in line for Casey Jr.  Oh my gosh.  That was the longest line ever for the most stupid 10 second ride.  Not worth it!!
See the excitement?!  Casey Jr. is on my black list, that waist of a train...
But we got over that fiasco quickly ;)
The kids loved the Dumbo ride
Made Brad and I a little sick
Buzz Lightyear was awesome and Clark was so into being able to shoot at crap
haha I love this picture so much!!
We were pretty proud of how well the boys did
We had a few moments like this
And like this.  haha  But overall they were pretty happy and energetic.
Getting to go see Mickey's house
They kept banging on this door and trying to get in, because they were sure that Mickey was inside
Oh man my first dole whip.  I think I would have been happy to never leave the dole stand the whole trip!
The jungle cruise was super lame.  Too long of a wait and the tour guide was painfully uncomfortable.  But I loves pirates!!!  That ride was one of my favorites.
Waiting for dinner and the parade to start.  We had hotdogs and soft pretzels and hot cocoa and it was a really nice, cool night.
The parade was so fun!!  I loved it.  Its totally worth sticking around for.
On the way back to the hotel.  The boys sure were tired!!

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