Sunday, April 6, 2014

Road Tripping

So a few weeks back we took a little road trip.  Brad had a job interview all the way up in Winnemucca, NV, so we decided to make a fun little trip out of it.  
The people who Brad was interviewing with put us up in a hotel for a couple days.  Brad worked half a day at their clinic in Winnemucca and half a day in their clinic in Lovelock, they took us to a Basque restaurant and basically threw a wrench in everything we had been planning on with a couple of really good job offers.  But, all that is for another post, not this one.
We had kept the whole northern Nevada trip a secret from my family, because we thought that it would be fun to just drive up and surprise them.  It ended up working out perfectly, because Nathan and Kaitlin decided to go up to Idaho to celebrate Nathan graduating from LDSBC.  
We got to my parents house in the afternoon, just as they were all getting ready to eat.  It was such perfect timing, cause they were all together in the familyroom and kitchen and we just walked in the back door.  I so wish that I had been filming their reaction, because it was amazing!!  They were all so shocked and just stared at us for the longest time.  It made the whole trip worth it!!

So after the shock wore off a little, we ate delicious food and Nathan opened presents and we sang 'Happy Graduation' to Nathan and it was quite a party.
Then we went outside to play in the nice weather
Poor little Kaitlin was not feeling great, because of her lovely morning sickness, but it was SO fun talking babies with her!!!
Shawn looked like a super villain from a cartoon and it was awesome
Heather was so awesome and happy and I got some great video of her laughing and being crazy
We ate cheesecake, because I psychically told Kaitlin I was coming and that she needed to buy it.  We also had chips and salsa and brownies.  I know.  But we needed to fuel our game-filled night.  Well, really it was just us trying to understand how to play the game, 'Bang' and being super confused, because for some reason Jaden kept trying to kill Mom and Dad no matter who his character was.
Then things got a little bit crazy 
And everyone got to see a little bit more wild side of little Clarky.
Sunday meant that Nathan and Kaitlin had to be stupid and leave
But not before some awkward photo taking
And some more Bang
Then came the goodbyes
Always so sad.... and a little creepy
But we said good riddens to the Salt Lakeans and got to spend the rest of Sunday eating and looking at old pictures and watching old tv shows
And the boys making a big mess of course
The next morning we had to say some more goodbyes.  So glad that Mom and Dad let us crash their place for a few days!!  We love them all so much!!!
On our way home, we stopped in Salt Lake and saw Nathan and Kaitlin one last time.  We went to City Creek and Temple Square and Nathan's work and then we ate at Kneaders
We got to go see their new apartment and meet Lady and watched HIMYM and didnt want to leave, but we eventually forced ourselves to.

It was a wonderful week of driving and clown motels and cadbury eggs and confusing job interviews and surprising family and so much fun!!!

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  1. Hey! I noticed your sister in law has a Wyoming hoodie on in these pics! Is she from Wyoming? Just wondering, cuz I'm from Wyoming! :)