Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Officially Moved In

So here is a photo of our babies out enjoying the perfect weather here and being mesmerized by all the little butterflies that hang out in the front yard.  They get SO excited and chase them all around trying to catch them.
One of them flew through the sprinkler and got its wings wet and couldn't fly for like 5 minutes, so Clark got to hold it and he has never been so happy.  He talked about it for the rest of the day.
Kal thought it was cool, but was mostly just happy to be eating a cookie
Last week we had a storm hit.  It wasn't raining at all, just super windy and this crazy sandy fog rolled in and made it so we couldn't hardly see across the street.  The power went out for a little bit, but honestly, the power goes out in Lovelock like once a week.... so that was pretty normal, I guess.  Weird.
We have these crazy old and brittle trees lining our yard and any time there is even the slightest breeze, giant tree branches break and fall.  So pretty much we cant park cars in the driveway or be outside in any amount of wind.  Its crazy.  So we sat and watched in rain tree branches for a few hours through the storm.
Then had our work cut out for us the next morning
But we have two eager little helpers, so that's good.  (see that bow in the fence?  Yeah, thats from branches falling on it)
The boys have loved finding 'hide-outs' all over the place.  Closets and cupboards and there is this hole in the wall of the garage that they crawl through into the storage shed attached to the house.  Funny how great old, run down houses are for kids.
The baby and the belly are growing.  This boy moves constantly, but not so much kicking.  He just stretches and rolls around a whole lot.  He seems too strong for being so small still, but I guess that is a good thing.  (I don't think my bladder would agree with that though) I think I finally found a Doctor in Reno and I'm anxious to get in and make sure all is well.  I feel pretty good, but I have always had a hard time gaining enough weight during pregnancy and as far as my calculations go, I've only gained 6 lbs so far.  So I want to go make sure the little man is healthy and okay.  And if you are hating me right now for not gaining weight while pregnant, don't.  I gain TONS while breast feeding, so that makes up for it.  I'd much rather do it the normal way and be able to start losing weight once the baby is born, but that's just not how it works for me unfortunately.  
We are loving our washer and dryer, as you can see.  However, the oven in my kitchen sucks!!  It heats SO unevenly.  I made shepherds pie the other night and only the left side of it cooked.  It was weird.  So I guess I get to start turning everything I cook like its a microwave or something.  Also, no dishwasher.  I spend SO much time washing dishes everyday.  You just don't realize how many cups your children go through until you have to wash them all by hand.
We went back to Overton over the weekend to get the rest of our stuff moved up here and it was such a wonderful weekend!!!  Oh my gosh we miss them!!!  We miss the house and the boys having cousins around all the time and sitting around talking and laughing with everyone.  Oh, and the water softener.  The water here is killing my hair and my skin!!  That's something we need to fix soon!  So anyway, we got everything loaded up in the trailer that Brad's Dad borrowed for us and on Sunday we headed up north with the parents and Kelby and Scott.  I'll tell you what, leaving the valley really isn't so sad when you get to take half the family with you!  It was a memorable trip, for sure.  We ran out of gas about 30 miles outside of Tonapah and then a rain storm hit.  haha It all worked out and we made it to Lovelock before sundown.
So we got to show them all Lovelock and Brad's clinic and the house and stuff.  And we now have all of our stuff, which means there are boxes EVERYWHERE.  And I am not even slightly motivated to unpack a single one.  Maybe one day... But I guess now that means that we are officially moved in.
We have some fun projects to get working on over the next few weekends.  We have the boy's beds that need to be painted and Brad bought me this old dresser I fell in love with for the baby's room, but it needs some work.  Its solid wood and all antique looking, but someone did the worst, ugliest paint job on it.  So I need to strip it and either paint or stain.  We will see what it looks like underneath all the ugly.
We also have to refinish the dining room table we have, but I need to work on some technique before I attempt that, because I want it to be perfect.  So I am going to play with this dresser first and see how it goes.
So that is the latest from Lovelock.  Hope Summer is going well for everyone else!!

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  1. Six pounds?! Yes, my 20 pounds kind of hate you. But I love that you guys finally have your stuff and can settle in :) Can't wait to come visit!!!