Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pumpkin Patch and a Camper

So last weekend was so fun!  We decided to go to Fallon and hang out at a pumpkin patch!  Ahhhh I love pumpkin patches.  I dream about pumpkins all year and this one glorious month is just full of them.  The best part?  We convinced Erik and Christy to meet us out there.  Yay :) 

Little buddies hate pictures 

He was so impressed by the odd shaped gords 


So was Lily 

It was sooooo freaking hot, but we braved the corn maze anyway 

I was done halfway through, but we kept on truckin' 

Isn't that a lovely sight 

After dying of heat exhaustion we went and got some dinner at a mexican restaurant in town and it was so fun spending the day all together. 

Dad gives him oreos and he loves it 

While we were in Fallon, Brad somehow convinced me that we should buy this tent trailer.  It all happened so fast.  We were just going to look at it and then Brad was talking the price down and the next thing I knew, we were hauling it home.   

Brad is SO excited!  He can't wait to take it hunting this season.  I must admit, its going to be way easier going camping with kids in this thing.  Tents and babies don't mix well. 

I think we will get a lot of use out of it.  Although, now I am obsessed with the idea of renovating the entire thing and making it all cute and vintage and awesome.  Maybe next year I can work on that. 

I cannot tell you how often I tell Kalvin to go get dressed and he comes outside wearing undies and shoes.  This boy! 

Little chubster 

This boy loves tomatoes so much 

He just goes for it 

These boys love playing with their daddy 

I hope you are all having a beautiful October!  We certainly are.  Busy filling our days with pumpkins and camping and using black tea and a hair dryer to age the pages of a spell book I am working on for our Halloween party.  Priorities, people! 

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