Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ready For Baby!!!

Okay, Im 38 weeks and the doctor said that our little boy will be here any day now...
The crib is up and the bedding arrived
ALL the baby laundry is washed, folded and put away
We officially have a ton of baby clothes and yet somehow I can't stop buying more
The tiniest pants in the world!!
All the shopping for odds and ends is done
We even have the tiny new born diapers!  (This picture is for you mom!!)
Now all we have to do is wait....


  1. oh my goodness! So , so exciting. Hey, Jack is officially done with the bassinet - let me know if you're interested.

  2. I am so exited for you! I am getting just as excited! I am so ready for my baby to come too! Good luck with everything!