Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brad's Last Week of Break

Kalvin met Zoey!!!  Love!!
Kalvin is officially in his crib and he and Clark now share a room :)  Loving having him out of our bedroom!!
Almost three years ago we drove past this park with giant butterflies and flowers, but couldnt remember where it was for the longest time.  I was starting to think it didnt exist and that I was totally crazy.  But we found it!!!  The Butterfly park is as awesome as I hoped too!!
Clarks favorite thing right now is putting hats on Kalvin
We bought a new car!!!  The civic was on its last leg and we got a great deal. 
Took the new car for a drive to Boulder
Went to Nielson's because its heaven on earth!!
Clark using Kalvin as a pillow
Loves his little brother so much
Kalvin is awesome at planking
Taught Clark to play wii baseball and he was actually pretty good!! 


  1. As Kalvin gets older he looks more and more like Clark. So cute!

  2. Looks like a busy, fun week. Don't you love those times when daddy's not super busy!