Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clark's 3rd Birthday

Brad and I filled the livingroom with balloons the night before his birthday.  He was so excited when he woke up.  He spent most of the day just playing with those.
I did finally get him to take a break at lunch and play some games :)
Brad surprised us and came home early
This boy loves "Cars" more than anything!!
Why does putting a hat on a baby make it like a million times cuter??
I cant believe our baby is getting so big!!!  3 seems so old!!
Clark was very excited about the "fire"
He was very insistant that we have "brown cake"
Kalvin even got a little taste of chocolate frosting


  1. Clark cant be 3!! We miss you, like alot, ALOT!
    The boys are so cute, I hope you guys are doing good!!

  2. Seriously Amanda, your boys are soo cute! Don't you love how entertaining balloons are?? haha. And that birthday hat is to die for...adorable. :)