Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cedar City Weekend

We at the last minute this Friday decided to take a trip up to Cedar City.  We will be there for about two months this summer, so we decided to borrow Travis and Emily's truck and move some of the big stuff up now so that we wouldnt have to worry about it a few weeks from now.
This is the Clinic that Brad will be at for the duration of his internship.  Isn't it pretty?
Saturday morning we woke up to tiny flakes of snow coming down.  It was amazing.  We love colder weather :)  And this is our super nutritious breakfast that morning.
We went to D.I. and bought a couch to use for the summer, so we wouldnt have to move one all the way up and back.  We got lucky!  $30.00 and we really like it!  Maybe we'll have to bring it back to Vegas with us...
Oh how we love Cedar City!!  If we were to end up there one day, I think we'd be pretty okay with that!
This is what happens when you decide to spoil your three year old just once and order him root beer.. that you didnt know had caffine in it.  He was CRAZY!!!
Oh my gosh these two boys love each other!!!


  1. We love Cedar too, but holy moly, it was freezing this weekend. Your boys are so cute and getting so big!!

    1. I know!! I coulldnt believe how cold it was. we were not prepared!!