Friday, May 11, 2012

Finals Week

Needless to say, Brad has been doing A LOT of studying!!!
Lucky he has two little boys always wanting to help him :)
Its beyond me why this boy loves eating his socks so much!!
He sure is cute though
Clark can be so creepy sometimes....
Kalvin has been trying to decide if he wants to stick to two naps a day or just one long one
These boys love playing in our bed every morning and climbing all over us
Sweetest little face
He hates the sun in his eyes
I was washing dishes and heard Kalvin crying and came into the room to find this.  Clark said he had to "put him in a cage cuz he was like a lion"
This is what we look like the morning after the LONGEST night ever!!!
"These are the only things I like today..."
Our boy is getting so big!!
He can sit up all by himself!!!
On Brad's last day of exams, Clark, Kalvin and I spent the morning decorating the front walkway for him
We are so proud of Brad for finishing ONE WHOLE YEAR of Physical Therapy School!!!!


  1. What a sweet wife and mom you are.. Clark is too funny and kalvin is adorable.. getting so big ;) horray to brad for one year down... just 2 more to go!!!! its so much better when you know when the end is.. makes it easier to plan and look forward to