Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brad's Birthday!!!

Brad's Birthday this year was pretty chill.  We spent the whole day before driving home from Idaho.  We got home pretty late and were all exhausted.  So, we all slept in on Brad's Birthday.
Brad didnt want me to get him any gifts this year.  We have so little money that he decided he'd rather pool his Birthday money with his Christams money.  Soooo... Clark and Kalvin got him a few things :)  Clark picked out some weird tool that I knew Brad didnt have and than Kalvin gave him a few new "guy" movies. 
We spent the day relaxing.  We watched The Olympics and Clark helped me make a cake.
Later we rode our bikes down to the park
Brad wanted "surf and turf" for dinner
One sad little cake :)  But it tasted good!!
Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the world!!!

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