Sunday, August 12, 2012

Idaho Trip

After Brad finnished his internship, we decided to take a trip up to Caldwell, Idaho to see my parents new place
We watched lots of The Olympics
Clark has been terrified of Molly for the past two years.  But this trip, they finally became friends :)
Kalvin sure liked her too
Kalvin also loved Shawn and his guitar
We rafted down the Boise River
Heather pointing at "baby Teesha".  haha  She calls every baby "baby Letitia".  Even Kalvin.  I think Ive only heard her say Kalvin like five times.  haha  Heather is and forever will be, the coolest person I know!!
Clark was so happy that he got to sleep on the floor with Jaden
We played some serious Bad Mitten
It got intense
Kalvin kept busy eating grass
Kalvin loved going up and down this step
Too young to start guitar lessons??
Things got kinda crazy on our last night
We sure didnt want to leave!!!

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