Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Evening of Halloweening

The day before Halloween we decided to carve pumpkins
Kalvin was super excited, cuz he thought that the pumpkins were balls and kept trying to pick them up and throw them
Kalvin also kept trying to eat the pumpkins.  He would take a bite, pull the chunk out of his mouth and then take another bite.
Clark was so excited about his jack-o-lantern.  He told Brad he wanted a "really scary one".
I tried taking some pictures, but Kal wasn't having it.  He was very concerned with the lids on the pumpkins.  But Clarky was a little ham as always.
Until he started getting stressed out that Kalvin wouldnt leave the pumpkins alone
I tried some new recipes I found on Pinterest
"Mummy Dogs"
Carmel and White Chocolate Apples.  These are AMAZING!!!!!
These pictures just make me happy

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