Friday, November 30, 2012

Trip to Idaho

Our trip to Idaho was actually a lot of fun!!  We split it up between two days.  We drove a few hours and stopped in Ely for the night
The kids were super excited to be in a hotel
They spent like two hours turning the lamps off and on
It was a pretty nice hotel and the kids slept great.  It was like a million degrees in our room though, so Brad and I didnt get a whole lot of sleep.  At least the breakfast was good :)
The next day we started back on the road
It was really fun.  We drove up through Nevada and I finally got to see some more of the state that Ive spent like my whole life living in.  We drove up through some towns neither Brad or I have ever been to, like Elko and Eureka. 
It was surprisingly pretty!  Nevada is a much prettier state than I realized
The kids were very happy sleeping, watching cartoons and eating snacks
Brad and I got to listen to newly downloaded music and discuss in depth what we would do in a zombie apocolyps
One os Brad's and my FAVORITE things to do is find weird, small towns to explore
Nevada is perfect for that :)

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