Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Now and the Future

After a week break from Preschool because his teacher was sick, Clark is back in school and very happy about that!  I love picking him up every day and hearing him tell me weather or not he got to sit by his girlfriend in class and what letter they are working on and who got the silly cup at snack time.  So many important things going on in his life :)
I have learned that I need to never try taking pictures of Kalvin anywhere where there are rocks.... I end up with only pictures that look like this.
So I am trying to think of some of the highlights from our life lately.......
We got to have a day playing with Cole.  That was fun, except for an incident with ants.  They starting crawling on Kal and he flipped out and was screaming and crying.  He kept yelling, 'Mom help me!  Clark help me!'  It was pretty sad.  I think that it devastated him a little bit.
We decided to calm down with some Dora
I have been so excited to start this little man in piano lessons.  We will probably wait til the next school year, just because we don't really know where we are going to be a few months from now, so we don't want to get him started with a teacher if we are leaving. 
But I think he is really going to enjoy it when we do start him.  He loves music so much.
I think that Brad is really starting to feel the pressure when it comes to getting ready to take the board exam and having to make lots of big decisions soon.  He doesn't know if he wants to work in a hospital or an out-patient clinic or home health.  There are so many pros and cons to every option.  And I know that this is a blessing, but there are SO many jobs for PTs all over and its super over-whelming!  We don't know where we want to be.  We don't know what to do.  Brad took a scholarship that helped us out a lot while he was in grad school, but one of the requirements for taking the scholarship is that he has to work in Nevada for 2 years after he graduates and he has 5 years to fulfill the agreement.  Soooo most likely we will be in Nevada for the first 2 years after he graduates and then after that, who knows.  Maybe we will stay.  It is the highest paying state in the country for his field.  I don't know.  He gets over-whelmed some days though and then just says that we are moving to Alaska this Summer.  I tell him not to threaten me with that, cause Im all for any excuse to buy tons and tons of boots and hot chocolate.  Anyway, we are praying that things will become more clear a month or two from now.
I told Clark that we are probably moving out of Grandma's house in a few months and he was quite upset with me.  He finally told me that we could move, but only if he could pick the house... and that house would be his Aunt Emmy's house.  After we talked about that for a while we finally agreed.  He says that we can move in to a new house as long as it has a slide on the roof and we can get a thousand baby chicks.  I should probably warn Brad....
The other day we went to Home Hardware to see all the bunnies that they have there and the boys just fell in love.  The bunnies were climbing all over each other, fighting over their little water bottle thing and the boys were laughing so hard.  They were just dying and everyone in the store thought that it was great.  I think we may need to add a few bunnies to the thousand baby chicks.
And a zonkey.  I don't think that my life can be complete until I own a zonkey.  Its half zebra and half donkey and its the cutest thing ever!!!  I need one.
Im addicted to my camera.  I cant stop taking pictures.  I spend way too many hours online reading all these photography tips and tricks and tutorials and crap.  I don't know if I am getting any better.  I still don't know what I am doing.
My goal is to learn how to shoot in manual  mode.  Maybe that sounds like no big deal to some, but it confuses me.  Thank heavens my sister-in-law was a photography major and I can bug her with all my questions constantly.
But, weather Im getting any better or not, I don't care that much.  I just love it.
Mostly because I love my two little models.
They don't love it so much all the time, but I just bribe them with candy and sips of Dr. Pepper.
Im such a good Mom haha
So that's our life right now.
Mostly a whole lot of living in the moment and a whole lot of taking pictures
And a whole lot of attempting to plan our future ;)

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