Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween and Other Stuff

We got to start out our Halloween fun with a Halloween party with my parents and little brother!  They were on their way from California to Utah and stopped to see us and we decided to make it a party.  Not that we did a great job at making our house party-ready.  haha  We were tired to say the least.

But, we fed them and dressed up and watched Twilight Zone, so I'd say it was a success. 

The boys were of course Power Rangers and have been talking about this since probably January.  They LOVE Power Rangers probably as much as I love cheesecake, so when these things came in the mail, it was like Christmas.   

We couldnt really get a good family picture, haha but thats mstly because when the kids are wearing these costumes, they are constantly moving and fighting.  Brad and I had sorta lame costumes.  I googled 'easy pregnancy costumes' and this is what came up.... Castaway and Wiiiiilsoooooon.  It only took us about 15 minutes to make, so it worked just fine. 

He keeps telling me how cool he looks in his costume.. 

Kalvin was a little freaked out by Grandpa's costume 

Showing off their muscles 

hahaha I love it so much 

Kinda looked like a terrorists just hanging out, texting on my couch 

It is tradition in my family that my Dad makes witches brew on Halloween, which is dry ice in juice. 

Clark and Kal were pretty impressed 

We also had a caramel apple bar 

It was so fun to see them!!!! 

So the rest of the week was a pretty normal week 

Kalvin fell alseep on the floor, like he does often, and we just can't help but bother him.  He is so sweet and tiny and sleepy, its impossible to not at least hold him... and maybe tickle him and move him around a little. 

Brad is good and busy at work again.  He has weeks where he just gets slammed with a full patient load at the hospital and tons of new patients at the clinic.  And, this week he had the new office worker start, so that made things slightly more chaotic.  But I just have to remember that its still way better than Grad school, cause when he comes home, he's all ours.  No books or tests or studying.  Really makes a difference. 

Oh how I love my boy and the fact that he can't keep his pants pulled up. 

I think I will die the day he stops asking me to cuddle him. 

We found the box that had all of our board games in it 

So the boys of course felt they had to play with them all at once.  But Candyland is always their very favorite. 

Clark had a Halloween party at school 

He said that it was awesome 

He got two gift bags from two friends with candy and toys in them and as soon as we picked him up, he let Kalvin pick one that he could have, so that, in his words, 'they could both have fun'.  So sweet, I can't stand it.  They were sure to share the lollipops though, each of them taking a lick of each one. 

He also choked on some vampire teeth at the end of class and threw up on the classroom floor and was super embarrassed, but he held back the tears and got over it pretty quick.  Oh my little sweetie!  I love him more everyday. 

Talking to the ghost  

All this pregnancy crap is getting old.  I dont think that I remember what its like to not wear stretch pants everyday.  Nothing fits.  I am hungry all the time, but get full so fast, cause there is just no room in there for much of anything. 

Brad brings me giant cups of melty ice and gets me pizza when I crave it and rubs my feet and calls me 'chubbs' and makes me laugh.  I can't imagine dealing with being pregnant without Brad.  He makes it easier.  And Kalvin's dancing makes it easier too. 

My 3 favorite boys in the whole world. 

So on Halloween... I was super lame.  I have been having lots of pointless contractions and pain and all this insanely painful pressure on my pelvic area (which has never happened to me before) and I pretty much cant walk.  It hurts SO BAD!!!  Anyway, I had plans of our traditional apple pie caramel apples and hot chocolate and color pages and games and all sorts of fun stuff, but because of my before-mentioned issues, I decided to stay off of my feet all day so that I could handle the night's festivities.  So the boys watched Halloween cartoons all day in their jammies and brought me snacks and ate an entire bag of carrots and we watched the neighbors set up what looked like a Halloween carnival in their front yard.  It wasn't the most magical holiday during the day, but I don't think the boys really cared.  They get so busy playing together and eating their carrots, they seem pretty happy. 

Then FINALLY it was time for Power Ranger costumes again.  They asked me a thousand times throughout the day when they could put them on. 

I sorta can't handle this picture.  They are so adorable, it melts my heart. 

Look how lame our little pumpkins and ghosts look compared to the neighbors decorations!  hahaha  Oh well.  Next year we will step it up. 

They boys kept referring to the neighbor's as 'the cat house'.  They kept saying 'we want to go to the cat house.  we love the cat house.'  Im sure you can imagine how funny Brad thought that was.. 

So we started things off at the ward potluck. 

And then they did a trunk-or-treat.  I've never been a fan of these things, but we thought we should support the ward.  And it was fun to visit with everyone.  Brad dressed up in his old scrubs and went as this guy, Chad, who is a doctor and in our ward.  He can't resist a good joke. 

This cute lady in our ward made a ton of popcorn balls and handed them out and it was awesome.  Haven't one in years and they remind me of my Grandma!!  Kalvin was smelling it to see if it 'smelled so sweet' like in the song. 

After the church, we went to trick-or-treat at the hospital.  Brad had promised a few of his patients that he would bring the boys by.  So we got to meet some cute old people that Brad works with and they were SO excited to see the kids and give them candy and tell them Happy Halloween.  It was adorable.  There was one sweet old lady who was hiding candy and apples under her blanket to save for the boys.  It was so sweet! 

Then we got back to our neighborhood and it was packed. 

We went over to 'the cat house' and saw all their fun decorations and Judge Wagner filled the boys buckets with candy and then had them each pick a king sized candy bar.  They are seriously the nicest people in the entire world.  You meet them and immediately love them like they're your own grandparents.  Plus, they love Halloween as much as Halloween should be loved, so that makes them awesome. 

And their family does an insane pumpkin carving contest.

We took the boys to a few other houses on the street 

Clark was SO excited to go to his teachers house and she had a special treat for him. 

The whole neighborhood really went all out and it was so much fun.  We loved it so much.  There were so many people and so many cute kids all dressed up and lights and music and it was just great! 

This was our only family pic of the night and it was lame.  haha  My camera was having issues.  Oh well. 

So then we went home, cause I was dying from walking and we handed out candy for like 2 hours straight.  We had probably 400-500 trick-or-treaters.  It was nuts, but so fun.  Good thing we bought like 10 giant bags of candy! 

The night ended with the boys watching Monsters Inc and eating yogurt and me having lots of pain and contractions and not really moving the rest of the night.  Its okay.  It was worth it. 

Today I have been taking it easy.  Brad made me waffles this morning and we watched the rain and the fire and a football game.  It has been pretty cold all day, so we just stayed inside.  Brad did go out to finish sanding the baby's dresser and then he took the boys out to buy me some cheesecake.  What would I do without my boys?! :) 

And then I stained the baby's dresser.  I was hurting, but staining furniture is my favorite thing ever, so I wasn't about to let Brad do it.  Its almost done and looks amazing.  I will post pics later.  But for now, I am going to go eat cheesecake and watch a movie.   

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