Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Nothing Year

2014 was freaking crazy for our family!  I look back and can't even believe everything that happened this last year.  We knew it was going to be a busy one, but holy crap!  Between internships, the board exam, graduation, getting pregnant, Kalvin's surgery, putting an offer in on a house in Logandale, then deciding to move to Lovelock, putting an offer in on a house in Lovelock, Brad moving up north without me to start working, then all of us moving up to Lovelock, moving twice before finally closing on a house, moving again, Clark starting Kindergarten, and having a baby... we are good and worn out!  For so many years while Brad was in school we felt like things were just pretty much the same and were going to be the same forever.  But I guess we were just saving all of our big changes for 2014.  It was such an awesome and scary year!  We are so blessed and so looking forward to a year full of nothing.  Like seriously, nothing!  I want to sleep this year, plant a garden, watch my babies grow, hang out with Brad and watch some movies.  Thats it.  Nothing else.  So here's to 2014 - the year of changes and here's to 2015 - the year of nothing happening!  I can't wait :)

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