Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our Year So Far

So very shortly after our Christmas road trip back from southern Nevada, we took another little road trip to Salt Lake.  My brother Nathan and his wife were blessing their baby, Sadie and there was just no way we were going to miss that!
So we got to Salt Lake Saturday evening, stopped by Ikea to look at some cabinets and spent like an hour trying to find a way out of the dang store, drove clear across town to eat at Wingers, and then dropped by to hang out with the Graff family for like an hour, then found our hotel and crashed.

Somewhow we were all up Sunday morning early enough to not only get everyone showered and ready for church, but to have a ginormous french toast breakfast.

Church was beautiful, the blessing was beautiful, my niece is beautiful! 

The luncheon after was crowded and lots of fun.  I got to see some of my long lost cousins and even an Aunt and Uncle.  My parents and Jaden were there too, so we got to see them and they got to see chunky Jonas.  Mom even said that she and Jonas bonded during church when he noticed she was holding him and started smiling and laughing.  

The day went by too fast.  Before we knew it it was time to say goodbye to everyone and get back on the road.  But Im so glad we went!  I am so proud of my little brother, Nathan!!!  Hes such a good Dad and such a good example to me and Brad and our boys!  I love seeing him with a little family.  It makes me so happy.  Plus, his wife is the bomb and the cutest Mama ever.  My only hope is that their little family turns into a ginormous family!  The world can only get better with more mini-Nathans and mini-Kaitlins in it! 

Then before we knew it it was Monday again and Brad was back at work and Clark was back at school and the last of the Christmas decorations came down.  We even took our Christmas lights down :( 

But its warmed up and made me excited for Spring! 

I know its still a little ways away, but boy do I have plans. 

Plans to start sleeping!  I have got Jonas into a sort of schedule.  He is down between 10 and 11 every night and sleeps for 5 hours before he is wanting me to hold him and then he falls right back to sleep, and stay asleep, as long as I am holding him usually until about 7.  Not great yet, but I can work with it. 

I have some serious gardening plans!  Oh my gosh I cant wait for the tomatoes and peppers and tulips that are going to take over my entire yard.  And I cant wait to talk Brad into buying me a comfy porch swing that I can take naps on with the baby. 

Plans to get back into shape!  The pregnancy is over, my six week post pardum wait is over, the holidays are over.  I can finally start exercising again and my body needs it!  I seriously wake up in the morning hurting.  Just from sleeping.  How is that possible?  I don't want to feel old anymore.  So back to Yoga and pilates and Brad has convinced me that I need to start lifting weights some.  So wish me luck with that.. 

Kalvin has been spending lots of time singing to Jonas.  Clark does a little, but he prefers to play music on his guitar for Jonas instead and leave the singing to Kal. 

I love the way that Jo watched his older brothers!  So much adoration in his eyes already.  He is one lucky bug to have such amazing big brothers to look up to. 

So I guess the craziest that happened this week is that we got a dog.  I dont really even know how it happened.  We have been planning on getting a dog for the kids, but were thinking maybe this Spring.  But then I was on the Lovelock yardsale Facebook page and saw that there was a 9 month old poodle-terrier mix that needed a home.  And she was free.  I talked to Brad and he was a hesitant, but said that maybe she'd be a good dog and that it was up to me to decide.  So I went to meet her and I sorta kinda fell in love with her.  She is so calm and sweet and just reminds me so much of my family's old dog, Annie, that I just could not leave without her.  So I brought her home.  And then sat there wondering if I was a little too hasty. 

But she is amazing!!  She is house-broken and already seems so obedient for being so young.  She is so chill all the time and loves to just watch the kids play and follow them around.  When Jonas makes any noise at all, she jumps up to investigate and its so sweet.  And even Brad really likes her.  She has been so good so far.  And after lots and lots of name suggestions from Brad and the two boys, we finally settled on Scout.  It seems to fit her personality.  So yeah, I guess we are dog people now.  Thats a little crazy!  She is our first pet since we have been married.  Thats even crazier! 

The boys are back to their old shinanigans.  Kalvin can't wait for Clark to get home from school so they can play and get into trouble. 

Kalvin is on the road to being potty trained.  He has done really well and wears underwear all day and is to the point where I dont even need to remind him to go potty, he just does it himself.  Although I have heard Clark reminding him, so thats a big help for sure.  He is so proud of himself.  I love seeing him strut around the house in his tiny Star Wars undies.  And I am so happy to only have one child in diapers. 

Clark is back in school and having a tough time adjusting to it I think.  He has been a little extra silly and wiggly in class and tired at the end of each day.  He is so grumpy having to wake up early each morning.  Hopefully next week will be easier for him.  But I feel like suddenly his interest in music has just gone crazy.  I know he has always loved music, but all the sudden its all he wants to talk about.  He has a toy guitar he plays all the time and he is obsessed with High School Musical and he sneaks the ipad into his room all the time and I find him just laying on his bed listening to the music on it. Its the cutest thing ever! In fact, right now I can hear him sitting on the front steps playing his harmonica.  So, I think priority number one is to get this kid into some piano lessons or guitar lessons.  Something musical anyway.     

He also still loves to steal my camera and take pictures.  This is some of his Clarky photography right here. 

And here 

And here 

And here 

So this is the first weekend in months that we have actually had free and its amazing. 

Brad took Jonas and let me sleep in this morning and we have been just trying to get some chores and some yard work done.  Brad has been trimming and winterizing all the shrubs and bushes outside and organizing his garage.  

Its been a good week and a good start to the new year. 

And this little chubby bear is 2 months old today!!  I can't believe how time flies.  He is such a loud little boy already.  Seriously, so vocal!  His cry is loud and he always tries to talk and make noise when he is eating.  Even when he sleeps, he makes so much noise.  My favorite is that he is always like snorting and snarling and stuff.  He really is like a little baby bear cub or something.  So round and soft and snarling and trying to get stuff into his mouth.  I love it. 

I don't want to ever stop squeezing him!!!! 

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