Sunday, April 12, 2015

We are crazy awesome

Ahhhhh Spring Break!!!  It was great.  I don't think that we are quite ready for it to be over.  Its been so fun having Clark home all week.  Kalvin has especially been enjoying having his buddy around to play with all the time.  I think he is excited to go back to school and see all his friends and stuff though.  He sure does like school, although he likes to pretend he doesn't.  Apparently he told his teacher that he doesnt like coloring and that he would rather just be learning stuff.  haha  Oh that serious boy.  He started Tball (although he insists we call it "baseball" because Tball is for babies) and he LOVES it.  He is obsessed.  All he wants to do ever is practice.  I just want to die watching him at practice.  He is so tiny and cute, I cant stand it.  I am so excited to watch all these little kids actually try to play some games.  Its going to be awesome.  Clark is also going through this weird phase where he insists on wearing his shirts backwards.  Its driving me nuts.  I will make him turn it around and then as soon as he is out of sight, he turns in backwards again.  Crazy boy!

Oh our poor little Kalvin.  He has been struggling lots lately.  His asthma is out of control!  I dont know whats going on...  maybe its just because its allergy season or something.  We got him a pulse oximeter so that we can check his oxygen levels throughout the day and especially when he is having an attack.  Its helped ease my worry actually being able to see the numbers and know that he is getting enough air.  We took him into see an allergist in Reno and are going back in a couple weeks for more in depth allergy testing so that we can get to the bottom of all this and decide what the best course of action will be.  But of course on top of all the asthma/allergy stuff, he got the flu.  This baby just cant catch a break.  He is such a little trooper though and just goes with it.  Throws up out the side of the bathtub and just keeps right on playing.  He is the sweetest.  And we always know when sickness is coming, because normally this boy will eat us out of house and home, but the moment he says no to a snack, we know whats coming.   

Our tiniest monster got sick.  He had his first ear infection, poor buddy.  He got over that and went straight into cutting teeth.  Hes been fussy and drooling and biting on everything.  But, the amazing thing is.... he has slept through the night 3 nights in a row!!!  9pm to 7am.  Oh my goodness I am in heaven.  So I can handle all the crying and grumpiness all day as long as he lets me sleep!  He is eating TONS and gaining weight like the chubby baby I dreamed he would be.  Hes over 15 lbs :)  He loves toys, loves watching his brothers and loves being on his tummy.  Still cant keep him on his back for anything.  He even sleeps on his tummy with his little bum up in the air.  And he just keeps getting cuter every single day. 

Things are all good with me.  Taking the RA one day at a time and trying to get my new calling figured out.  I have spent oh so much time getting our little house all cleaned and organized and running smoothly, and now that I have, things have got crazy again with cleaning out the garage and bringing tons of boxes in to unpack and what not.  We decided for Spring Break instead of going away, we would just spend the time/money on a built-in for our livingroom.  We have been wanting to put in some cabinets and book shelves since we moved in, so we thought we would move forward with that.  So we priced cabinetry.  Holy expensive!  And then we got quotes for custom cabinetry so that we could get exactly what we wanted... holy over my dead body expensive!  Why??  Why do people pay so much for cabinets??  Anyway, us being as crazy as we are decided to just build our own.  Thats right, we are nuts.  Or awesome.  Im not sure which.

We borrowed a trailer and went to Fernley and got all the wood we needed and drew up our plans and Brad started construction.   He is awesome!  We got a lot done over the weekend and its looking amazing.  We are probably about halfway done and I am so excited!!  I wish that he didnt have to go back to work though, so that we could get it finished faster.  But, today is Sunday, so it will just have to wait now.  We were suppose to speak in church today, but with Kalvin getting sick, only Brad went and just read my talk and sorta meshed his and mine together into one talk.  He is so good at that.

So now we are going to watch a movie, eat some dinner and deal with my teething baby.  Until next week friends...

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