Saturday, April 25, 2015

Baseball and Sickies

Sometimes our life is so out-of-control exciting and eventful, that I forget to even document it.  Either that or I am super sleep deprived and have a baby attached to my hip who has learned to attack everytime I open my laptop, so its made blogging nearly impossible.  I'll let you go ahead and just guess which it is...

We celebrated my sweet angel niece, Madelyn's birthday on the 13th 

We drove out to Lone Mountain and sent balloons to heaven for her. 

Two years.  Two years since that sweet baby girl changed so much in all our lives and made us even more grateful for the gospel and the Lord's plan. 

We went home and had gingerdoodle cookies and talked to the boys about the plan of salvation  

Our tiny buddy started teething like its going out of style.  He has been SO grumpy and I feel so bad for him.  His gums are so swollen and bruised and those darn teeth just don't want to punch through.

Poor boy has been extremely emotional about the whole thing.  He is either crazy happy or crazy mad.  Nothing in between. 

They had the "open ceremonies" to kick off baseball season here in Lovelock.  Isn't it funny how small towns develop these little traditions and forget that the rest of the world knows nothing about it?  haha  Like, "yeah on the 4th of July a plane flies over and drops candy on a group of people... what?"  haha  I could not get a straight answer from anyone on what "openeing ceremonies" were.  Everyone was just like, "you know, opening ceremonies..."  Anyway, apparently that means all the little baseball teams do a little parade and walk from the park to the baseball fields and then they introduce all the teams and coaches and stuff on the field, do the "first pitch" and then have the first game.  It was cute and Clark was pretty excited. 

I think he is the tiniest one on his team and its adorable. 

Ohhh his little profile makes my heart jump

So we had some hot dogs and watched the first half of the first game. 

There was hardly anyone there at all.  It was kinda sad.  Im use to Moapa Valley where there is insane amounts of support for the kids playing sports, but here... its not as intense.  There were seriously like 10 people.  But not everywhere is Moapa Valley ;) 

As Brad and I sat there on those rickety bleachers in the hot sun, we realized that we have 3 kids... and that means that this is going to be our life for like the next 20 years!  Sitting on bleachers, eating consession stand food and our entire schedule revolving around our boys sporting events.  haha  Oh well, its worth it will be worth it to see them in their cute little baseball pants and what-not. 

On Saturday we dedicated the entire day to making our house look like the end of E.T. and not just for fun.  We painted our builtin!!!!! 

Its the most beautiful bright white and I love it.  But I don't have a pic of it, cause its not finished yet.  We still need to build the cabinet doors and put them on.  So once we do that, then I will post a picture.  It really is beautiful though!! 

On the 21st it was our 8 year anniversary of when Brad asked me to marry him :)  So we have never really celebrated that anniversary much, but we did drive into Fernley to get some more wood and then went to a Denny's for breakfast for dinner.  Not real special, but the day Brad proposed, on our way back home to the valley, we stopped at a Denny's and had breakfast and talked all about our wedding and our future and so that was kinda fun.  8 years ago I never would have thought that 8 years later I'd be sitting at a Denny's in Fernley, NV with 3 wild little boys.  Life is so funny! 

I got a call from the school saying that my little Clarky was sick and that I needed to come get him.   

He had to miss school for the rest of the week and he had to miss his first two baseball games.  He hasn't been too happy about it. 

Even when he is sick, he doesn't like to just lay around and be sick, like Kal does.  Clark has to be dressed and up and busy and it drives me nuts.  Its impossible to get him to rest. 

I've been bribing him lots with cartoons and ipad time.  Hes had way too much of both this week, but its been the only way to keep him from being crazy. 

A teacher at school told Brad that one day she was helping in Clark's class and that he usually had excellent penmanship, but on this particular day, he was writing really sloppy and so she asked him why and he said, "teacher, Im just not into it today."  haha  We got a good laugh out of that one. 

Also, when I picked him up from school last week, he got in the car and told Kal that he had got something for him and saved it in his pocket all day.  And then he pulled out a cough drop, because Kalvin had been coughing all the night before.  So sweet!   

Brad had a little bit slower week at work and thats been a happy change.  Well, for me anyway.  He has been soooo busy the last few months.  But I think the closer we get to summer, the more things will start to calm down. 

I had a day with Jonas where he refused to sleep all day long and just screamed.  I think it was just his teeth combined with his dramatics.  Finally, the only thing that would calm him was being outside watching Clark and Kal ride bikes.  So we sat out there for a loooong time. 

We watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the boys were slightly horrified.  Mostly just by the Umpa Lumpas.  It just made no sense to them. 

So for this weekend, I told Brad that I want to do absolutely nothing. 

We have been way too busy every weekend, its just time for a break 

So we got some movies and snacks and plan to just stay in our pajamas and watch the rain 

And I could not be more excited about it 

Brad teaching Clark how to make spaghetti :) 

Oh also, Brad got called to be the 1st counselor in the Young Mens Presidency.  So between his new calling and mine, things just got a lot busier around here.  haha 

But not this weekend.  This weekend we rest and sleep and hug Scout as tight as a 3 year old can hug.

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