Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summery Summer Stuff

Jonas turned 7 months old.  This is all going by so fast!  Before I know it, I won't have a tiny baby to love on anymore.   

He has recently become very independent and likes to go off on his own through the house exploring all the different rooms.  But only if its on his terms.  If he crawls off down the hall, fine.  But if I walk out of the room, end of the world.  haha  His favorite is to go into Clark and Kalvin's room.  Apparently they have the most exciting stuff.  But that means that they have had to be extra careful about leaving marbles or rocks and what-not on the floor.  Jonas thinks its great.  I'll hear him scooting down the hall and just squealing and screaming with excitement as he makes his way to a new room.  I love it so much. 

He is eating and sleeping pretty good.  Still room for improvement.  He loves peaches the most.  Its been such a pain though, because Jonas is one who HAS to have something in his hands at all times.  Doesn't matter what, just something.  He squirms and screams and lunges and them you put something in his hand and he immediately calms down.  But that makes feeding time hard, because its his mission in life to hold that spoon or grab the bowl of food.  Its always a process getting dinner down him.  Some nights he wins, some nights I win,  (And yeah, I've tried giving him a spoon of his own to hold.  He hucks it and tries to grab the one with food on it.) 

I often catch the boys teasing both they baby and the dog with food that they cant have... 

We've been swimming lots.  Its been so fun and the boys are already getting the most gorgeous tans.  They are lucky they got Brads beautiful olive skin.  They love playing in the water and then we come home and they get straight in the wading pool. 

And no one is enjoying all the summer fruit as much as Clark.  I think he ate an entire cantaloupe all by himself. 

Little buddy loves it when we put his jumper in the doorway so he can see outside and watch Scout running back and forth barking at the neighbor dogs. 

We had a nice storm move in a few nights ago.  We lost power a few times, but thats pretty normal for this town.  haha   

So strange that its June and we have had such cold days here and there.  To be honest, I kinda hate Summer.  Its my least favorite season.  I think growing up in Southern Nevada ruined it for me.  Its so blasted hot down there that Summer time means you cant hardly set foot outside without wanting to die.  Its miserable.  But, I think that Lovelock weather is bringing me around a little bit.  As long as these storms keep passing through to cool things off every few weeks. 

Waffles at 10:30 in the morning.  Is there anything better?! 

They finish the grapes before I can even get them out of the grocery bag to the fridge.  We watch a movie a day and read lots.  The boys have been particularly into the poem books lately.  And they love to read in bed each night before they fall asleep. 

Clark has finally learned to ride his bike without training wheels!!  Hes been working on this for a looooong time.  But our sweet little cautious boy just wasn't feeling it after 20 or so crashes.  But Brad finally convinced him to give it another try after months of not wanting to even discuss it and he got on and took off.  It was amazing.  Something just clicked and he is awesome at it.  And Brad is so proud :) 

Kal on the other hand cannot get the hang of pedaling on his tricycle.  And it doesnt bother him one bit.  haha  He prefers to just run along side Clark's bike.  Like a puppy.  haha 

Jonas realized that he can touch the top of his head and its all he does all day.  Its hilarious, because he'll be crying and reach his hands up there and just stop and then start smiling and laughing. He is so weird. 

And so cute 

Brad has been in Fallon this weekend for Stake Youth Conference.  We are ready to have him home!  We are ready to have a weekend where we aren't so busy.  I just dont know when that will be. 

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