Friday, July 24, 2015

Fourth of July

For about a year or so, my family had been planning that we would all get together in Idaho for July 4th 2015.  See it had been almost 3 years since my family had been all together.  3 BLASTED YEARS!!!  So in all of our planning and scheming, Autumn and Greyson called and were like, "hey we'll just get married around that time too."  So basically we were all planning for the most exciting week and half of our lives.  So my whole family started slowly, one-by-one making their way to Idaho and they were all there on July 3rd and with Brad's work, we weren't going to be able to make it until the next day and I was super jealous that they were all going to be together without us.  But then plans changed and we decided to just drive up a day early and surprise everyone.  So as we were driving through the winding roads and fields of Caldwell, only about 15 minutes from my parents house, Shawn texted me the above picture and told me that they were "all together and just missing the Robisons".  So it was pretty awesome walking in the house and seeing everyone's faces after that :)

So we were finally all together and it was amazing and we ate chinese food and held babies and talked and laughed and I realized just how much I had been missing all of them all these years!

The next day was the 4th and it started out with Mom and Dad making us all a big breakfast 

And we all just hung out and  

And held babies 

We sat around and talked to Heather, the coolest person in the world 

I miss that tiny hulk of a girl so much!!! 

Then the boys sat around and talked about music, because you know, they're obsessed.  Nathan is actually in school for music production and its amazing.  I mean, my 3 brothers have always been ridiculously talents when it comes to music, but now that Nathan is actually in school for it, things are just getting out of control awesome!  And he showed us all his latest song and I almost cried it was so good.   

We tried to do a baby photo shoot, but you know how that always goes.  But they are so blasted cute that even when the pics don't turn out, they are still adorable. 

Its hilarious watching them together, because I feel like Jonas is always touching Sadie and trying to bite her and pull on her and Sadie is always just super weirded out by him.  haha 

Austin is my favorite 

But so is Nathan and his stupid face 

And his stupid baby that wont just let me adopt her already 

Mom and Dad got out a crazy awesome slip n' slide for the kids 

It was so fun to watch them play all afternoon 

My Dad is the greatest :) 


I love it  

Ohhhhh those babies!!!!! 

Shawn is also my favorite, because you know, its Shawn.. 

And I am pretty sure I'd die without Miss Kaity in my life 

That evening we had a most delicious BBQ 

Greyson is awesome haha 


I can't handle Heather and her smile and her laugh 

My boys 

So don't be freaked out by the weird smiley faces covering two kids faces.  haha  My parents are in the process of adopting two children and we cant post any photos of them until the adoption is final.  So those creepy smiley faces will probably pop up in pictures for a little while.
But this is my family all together :) 

And here is just us Merkley siblings with Mama and Papa 

And then us ladies got together to see Autumn's wedding dress!  Ahhhhhhhh! 

She had these two patches sewn onto the dress.  They are patches from Mom and Dad's clothes.  So sweet. 

Then it was time to bathe some tiny kiddos together 

Annnd.... firework time!! 

Mom and Dad's neighbors put on a show right across the street every year, so we just set up in the front yard and lit off a few of our own.  There may have been a small fire from a firework that shot sideways and it was a little crazy and a little funny. 

We had icecream and played with sparklers and sat outside for a few hours watching the guys play with fire 

Sadie was not a fan of the loud fireworks, poor baby.  And Jonas could not have cared less.  But they did both eventually fall asleep. 

The next day was the day we all headed up to McCall and the incredibleness of that is conveyed in this pic of Jo and Sadie wearing matching PJs. 

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