Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Blessings

I am siting here staring down my calendar.  10 days.  10 days left of Summer.  I just cannot believe its almost over.  I have never been much of a Summer person, but I have to admit, I am a little sad.  I think it is because the last few months have been absolutely amazing!!  We have gone on so many fun trips and seen all of our families and I really feel like this Summer is the first Summer in a looooong time that really, truly felt like a Summer.  Clark was out of school, Brad's work schedule slowed way down, we had no real routine at all.  It rocked.  I feel like we really used up each and every day this Summer.  Not a bit of it went to waste. 

We thoroughly enjoyed every sleepy morning and every afternoon nap. 

Every sunny afternoon and every bite of summer fruit. 

Every moment of quality time spent. 

Every cartoon binge day in our jammies. 

Every game and adventure. 

Every trip to the pool and every popsicle.  

Every bike ride and every story. 

Every BBQ and dinner party with friends. 

Every delicious veggie from our garden. 

And every project finished! 

Thinking back about these Summer months, I feel so happy and so blessed.  We've been surrounded by so much good!  So many good people and so many great experiences, 

And it means the world to me that my 3 beautiful boys have these wonderful memories locked up tight inside forever. 

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