Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Pomegranate Festival

This weekend was a lot of fun!!  Kalvin got to meet more family!!  Kaitlin and Shawn drove all the way down from SLC to see him.  My grandma and grandpa Merkley drove down to see him as well.  He also finally got to meet Kelby and Lauralyn's family. (I just didn't have my camera then)  We had so much fun spending time with people and showing off our new little buddy!
Shawn was a little nervous to hold the little guy, but Kaity was a regular baby snatcher :)  Its so nice to have so much family thats always ready to help Clark and Kalvin

We are beyond thrilled that Clark and Kalvin could spend some time with their great-grandparents!!  So happy we got pictures too
We got to go to the alwaays fun and weird and sorta uncomfortable Pomegranate Festival.  Unfortunately our saturday had to end and we had to go back to the real world today.  But it was awesome seeing people and getting out of the city!

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  1. I'll snatch up your baby any day!!! So glad we got to come down :) Love you guys!