Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veteran's Day Weekend

We had a really fun Veteran's Day Weekend!  We went to the free air show at Nellis Air Force Base.  It was so fun seeing Clark get so excited about all the "rocket ships" as he called them.
He held onto that flag the whole day!
Love this picture, cuz it looks like he is saluting :)
And even though those Jets were like crazy loud, Kalvin just kept on sleeping
Brad's friend from school, Tyler and his wife, Brit came to see the planes too.  They are expecting and got some good practice in with Kalvin
And Clark.  They had a great time racing until Clark ran into someone and fell and started screaming :)  He sure likes his "new friend" though!
Toward the end our liitle one finally woke up
What a great day, amazing family and wonderful country!!!

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  1. I totally thought he was saluting too! So cute.