Monday, April 30, 2012


When I was working, I LOVED that I had certain tasks everyday that needed to be done and that at the end of the work day, I could go home and have that sense of accomplishment.  I could relax, because I knew that whatever I needed to get done, was done.  Well, when I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom, I really, really, really missed that!!  Being a stay at home mom is a never-ending combination of tasks.  There is never a "going home and being able to relax, cuz the job is done" time.  Anyway, I was missing that sense of accomplishment.  So I decided to make two goals for myself everyday.  Now, obviously, I do a whole lot more than two things everyday.  But on top of all the cleaning and cooking and feeding and diapers and what not, I have started having two official goals.  They change everyday.  Some days they are, "Clean the whole house and Weed the back yard/garden"  Most days its more like, "Do three loads of laundry and eat a healthy dinner"  And then there are even some days that are, "Play with the kids and read a few chapters in your book".  Im telling you, its totally working for me!!  At the end of the day, I feel so much more relaxed and like there is an official "end of the day".  haha  I dont know why I need that.  maybe Im weird.  But in the evenings, I totally dont feel guilty when the kids go to bed if I just read or play on pinterest.  Its wonderful!  I also have some long-term goals that I've been working on.
I want to learn how to run!  That may sound so stupid to some people, I've never really done it.  My exercise was always dancing.  But now that Im not doing that, I decided to learn to run.  Ive always wanted to.  (yes, Clark took this picture when he knew I wouldnt catch him playing the camera, cuz I was distracted.  Its not a very flattering picture, but its accurate.  haha  Me running isnt real pretty.)
Eating healthier!!  Its so important and there is always room for improvement!!
I've always wanted to read the book "War and Peace" but its always intimidated me so much!!  Here goes nothing.
Organize, oraganize, organize!!!

Wish Me Luck

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  1. You are not weird! I totally agree, I have to have a couple things each day to have as goals or I go crazy. Sometimes staying at home is hard, you definitely have good days and bad days. Way to go with the running! I am trying to get back in to running and making it a goal too. :)