Monday, July 2, 2012

Cedar City

You may be wondering how we are liking Cedar City... We are LOVING it :)  We've been having so much fun and loving the weather!!
Army crawlin' in army underwear :)  Thats right!!  Clark is finally ready to be potty-trained!!  He is doing amazing!!!  We are so proud of him!!!
Things are going pretty good with Brad's internship.  He really likes the Therapist he is working with and the clinic is great.  He is really excited to be in watching the surgeries.  The best part of Brads schedule is that he gets to come home everyday for lunch!!!  This is huge!!!  I got so use to not seeing him at all during the day and now he is here so much and I dont even know what to do with him.  Im loving this!!!
Cedar City is such a cute little town
Everyone here has been complaining about this "horrible 93 degree heat"  haha We just laugh, because we cant spend enough time outside in this not-117-degree-weather :)
And guess what?!  The mountains start where our backyard ends.  Its awesome!!!
There are bike trails all over and we have been enjoying exploring.  We got a double jogging stroller that we hook up to Brad's bike and we just go!!  The kids love it.
Its somehow been impossible to get the boys to bed before nine o'clock.  It stays light here so late and we seem to always be busy doing something.  So yeah, we are having a great time here!!!

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  1. Kalvin looks SOOOO much like you in that 1st picture!!!!!