Sunday, July 15, 2012

Life Lately

Clark has been very busy as you can see.  He has been happy playing and helping with his brother.  He has become quite the babysitter!  He watches Kalvin to make sure he is being good and as soon as he scoots over to get into something he shouldnt be in to, Clark runs over, tells him no and grabs him by the legs and drags him away. haha  So funny.  He is doing great wearing underwear and somehow now seems like he is 16.  Its crazy!
Kalvin has fallen inlove with these floor vents. haha  When the air kicks on, he scoots his way over to one and sits on it and is as happy as can be.  He has been trying so hard to crawl.  He gets up on his knees and then just doesnt know where to go from there.  He has about had it with baby food.  He wants nothing to do with it.  He loves eating whatever it is that we are eating.  And, he freaks out if we are eating and not sharing with him.
Mountain biking has become our favorite thing to do!!!
Clark and Kalvin love it too.  Everytime we go down a hill the scream and laugh.
Lin's doughnuts!!!  I love love love them!!  They are my weakness :)
Clark was sure this was a chocolate milk river :)
On saturday we woke up to beautiful rain!!  So we decided to drive up the mountain and enjoy the rain and the chilly weather.  After driving a while, it started to get foggy.
Really foggy!!  We couldnt see anything after a while.
We got out to take some pictures and then this super scary haunted looking house started to appear behind us in the fog.
So we walked through the fog to try to find it.  It was SO creepy!!!  Clark was a little bit scared.  Especially when our car disappeared in the fog.
The haunted building was just a lookout area.  It still looked creepy though.
That  was just a cliff over there.  The fog started to clear just a tiny bit and we could see how high up we were.  It was nuts!!!
After the haunted mountain hike, we went down to the car show on main street.  Brad was so excited.
Clark was a little disappointed that he couldnt ride in or touch any of the cars
I think Brad fell inlove with a few cars
 I think this truck was my favorite
We stopped in at Bulloch Drug to see if our cute sister-in-law was working.  She is a soda jerk there and we love visiting her!!
Pretty exciting stuff, huh?!

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