Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Fourth of July

Oh how I love The Fourth of July!!!!
This year we were lucky enough to have Nathan and Kaitlin drive down to spend the day with us in Cedar City
We made a delicious blueberry pancake breakfast for them
Then we went to the parade down on main street
It was so cute and so fun
Got even better when the Packs and Scott and Emily showed up :)
Cant even believe how cute this boy is!!!
Getting to know each other
And then Kalvin tried to steal Keldon's hat
Clark was so excited that they were throwing candy in the parade
Later we went home and had some lunch and relaxed for a bit
Then we went to the park to enjoy the rainy, cloudy weather
Just isnt the Fourth without salt water taffy
I love this picture cuz it looks like they are both trying to control the ball with their minds.

So after the park we went home, had pizza and Kaitlin's amazing cake balls and took care of a sick, grumpy baby while we watched AFV and wanted to fall asleep.  Then we went to watch a sorta lame firework show.  Didnt get any pictures of that stuff though.  It was a great holiday though and we're so lucky we got to spend it with so much family!!!

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