Friday, March 15, 2013


I realized that its been a while since I posted anything on here.  So, I thought I would put up a few recent pictures of the boys. 
We buzzed the kids little heads.  I think they look so cute!!  Although Im a little sad that Kalvin looks so much older now :(
We have been keeping pretty busy all month.  Brad has been studying like a mad man.  I cant wait for Spring Break.  The kids and I have been busy with yard work and planting our garden and flowers and doing as much Spring cleaning as I can squeeze into each day. 
We are enjoying the warmer weather.  We play outside lots.  The last few days we even broke out the hose and played in the water.  The boys have already started getting good and tan. (they are so lucky that they got their Dad's skin tone) We find ourselves wasting lots of time at book stores and at thrift stores, looking for a good upcycle project.  We've been experimenting with juice slushies and the kiddos are quite happy about that :)
We are looking forward so many things!!  My parents and two of my brothers are coming to visit us Easter weekend, then the next weekend is General Conference (yay), and then Fair weekend and more family coming to visit!  Now we just need to think of something fun to do over Spring Break..
Im sure there will be more exciting posts to come, but for now, thats all we have been up to :)  Happy, growing and enjoying our days!

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