Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One of My Favorite Things

I LOVE pancakes!!  I could eat them everyday.  I still have yet to find my perfect pancake recipe though.  I've tried lots, but nothing that Ive loved more than the rest.  Im still searching...   I love really thin pancakes.  Almost crepe-thin! When I was growing up, my Mom, being the health nut that she is, always made us these thin, whole wheat, from scratch pancakes.  I remember I liked them, but I was always envious of my friend's fluffy, buttermilk, made-from-a-mix pancakes.  What was I thinking!?  I crave my Mom's whole wheat pancakes now!!  If only I could go back in time and tell my 7 year old self how lucky I was to have a Mom who wakes up a 5am to make the family healthy, from scratch pancakes in the morning.  I should have savoured every bite!!  One day, I will get a wheat grinder and be able to make my Mom's pancakes... and my kids will envy their friends and their made-from-a-mix pancakes.
Here is the part where my Mom is a genius though.  Instead of syrup, she would often use these 4 simple ingredients.  Apple sauce, frozen strawberries (or any frozen fruit), cinnamon (to taste) and vanilla (to taste).  Heat it all up in a pan and let it simmer til nice and warm.
Then pour it over your pancakes!!  Its delicious!!  I love it so much more than syrup.  I dont know if this is my Mom's creation, but thats who I got it from.  Its a wonderful piece of my childhood and never fails to make me happy.  Its my comfort food :)
And even better, kids love it!!  Its sweet and tasty and healthy all at the same time!


  1. We have a hand away grinder.. well let you borrow it :) that fruity topping looks delicious!! Might have to give it a try... my favorite is waffles with ice cream and berries :) maybe we can have a breakfast for dinner together sometime... or maybe even just get together for a breakfast anytime of day

  2. This is my favorite Pancake Recipe:

    It is SUPER easy to make. I know you said you like flatter better, so instead of fluffing the egg whites, just put the whole egg into the batter and they will be nice and flat! :o)

    Fun fact, if you use juice and vinegar instead of butter milk, the batter turns green! :o)


  3. Thanks Letitia! I can't wait to try this recipe!! Maybe we will have pancakes for dinner tonight... ;)

  4. :o) Breakfast for dinner is the best!