Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring is Time...

Spring is time for our flowers to bloom.  For the trees to bud, the grass to green and the grapevine to stretch its way along the lattice above the back porch.  Time to watch our yard be restored to its former, pre-winter glory.
Time to wander around Star Nursery and covet all the beautiful things we could plant, if only I had a much greener thumb!
Time to plant our garden!!!  Homemade salsa, here we come!!
Time for spring cleaning.  As much as I can get done with these little monsters running around the house.  Like my Mom posted on my FB page, "Trying to clean while your kids are in the house, is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos".
But, Ive learned that monsters are happiest outside!
Digging in the dirt, throwing balls, throwing water and watching roly polys in the garden
But most of all, Spring at our house means its time for projects!!
Clark is old enough now that he feels he needs to help with everything
We steered him away from the power tools and gave him a paint brush... and a sucker
This is what we ended up with :)  Toy boxes for the boys.  I love love love them and we had so much fun putting them together!!
We found the cheapest, knottiest wood we could buy, put the boxes together, painted them with one coat of white paint and them sanded.  Ooohhhh the sanding!!!  Then we distressed the wood.  That part was the most fun.  We got some good scratches and dings in and then we used a dark stain over the entire box, then wiped it all off.  It gave them the coolest aged look.  The lettering isnt perfect, but oh well.  The kids are happy and so am I!!  I had an idea of what I wanted and they turned out even better than what I pictured.  Brad has a way of always making that happen for me :)

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  1. You two are seriously so talented with your craftmanship. I'm jealous, poor Brooklyn will have plastic bins for her toys, forever!! :)