Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

What an amazing Father this man is!!!
I always knew he would be. 
And honestly, there is nothing that makes me love him more than when I see him being a Dad.  When I see him rocking the baby or changing a diaper.  When he is playing catch with boys or giving them baths.  When he sings to them and reads to them.  Makes my heart melt!  Its a beautiful thing to watch.  And I know that he is the wonderful Father he is today because of his Father and a whole line of great Fathers that came before.  What a blessing a good and loving Father truly is!!!
Oh how I wish I could think of a far more special way to honor him and all he does
But this year for Father's Day we let him sleep in, went to church where Clark sang with the primary for the first time in Sacrament meeting, gave him these little crafts from the boys, let him watch golf all afternoon, made him some dinner and gave him a back rub. 
And just like every year, Brad thanked me and laughed at my being crazy and wishing I could give him more and reassured me that all he ever needs is love from me and the kids, good food and back rub and he will always be completely happy. 

So Happy Father's Day to the man I love more than anything!!!!!

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