Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Updates :)

This last week Brad started back at school.  Its his LAST SEMESTER OF CLASSES EVER!!!!!  So exciting!!!  He has 3 classes and its only a 4 week session... so this week we are already into midterms and then we will be halfway there.  Its going by so fast.  He seems to be enjoying the classes.  I keep telling him that he needs to live it up with his friends these last few weeks, cuz then most of them are moving away.  Bittersweet.  On Saturday his class held a charity golf tournament to raise money for kiddos.  And Brad and some of his friends played in it.  He had lots of fun and they raised I think like $10,000.00 so that's pretty cool.
Lets see... what have I been up to??  Nothing out of the usual I don't think.  Keeping busy with the kids and the house.  I got sick last week for a few days, so everything suffered.  I spent yesterday cleaning and scrubbing and washing and now our house is back to its normal chaos.  Our garden has started to take off and Im loving that!!!  So many tomatoes!!!  Its like a dream.  I eat them on everything.  For sunday dinner Brad made pork steaks, which Im not so much a fan of, but I put fresh tomato on top and it was to die for.  I highly recommend trying it!!
Clark gets cooler everyday.  He is super proud of his goggles and snorkel.  He has been practicing putting his head under water, but so far he just has been able to bend over in the wading pool and put just his eyes in.  Still very proud of him with how nuts he is about water touching his face.  He is seeming so old lately.  learning so much and developing such a little attitude.  He got his own tube of chapstick and its made him happier than any toy we've ever bought him.  He feels so cool taking it out his pocket every 5 seconds and putting it on.  So funny!!  We still haven't gone in to see a neurologist yet.  They were booked up solid.  So his appointment is on June 25th.  Pray for us on that day ;)  But he has been fine.  No more seizures so far.  So we are feeling pretty good about things right now.
We hit a huge milestone with our little Kal-Bear.  He is officially done with bottles!!!!  Its crazy!!!  He wasn't super attached to them, except for at night.  That was the only way he would go to sleep.  But, when he got a sick a while ago, the milk bottles at night were making him throw up, so we tried water and it ticked him off so bad, he wouldn't take a bottle.  So we decided to keep it going.  We offered him water every night and he would refuse, until he just didn't want a bottle anymore.  It went really smoothly and I think its cuz it was kinda his choice.  He is a little fighter and so stubborn, that Ive been worried about weening him for a while.  But when we made it up to him, he did great!!  Now we just lay him in his bed and leave and he lays there quietly until he falls asleep.  Its heavenly!!!  So proud of him.  He has grown up so much recently.  No more bottle, he uses a fork and spoon and always feeds himself.  And, Clark and he play together so well all the sudden.  They use to fight way more than they would play, but now its switched.  They love playing together and get along so well.  Its great!!

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