Friday, June 21, 2013

Finals Week Is OVER FOREVER!!!!!!

Life just keeps moving forward.  This Summer so far has been a busy and happy one at the Robison house.
Our little peas and carrots are better friends than ever these days.  They love playing together and its the cutest thing in the entire world.

Clarky has gone all week wearing underwear to bed and waking up dry!!!  We are all over the moon, especially Clark.  I love seeing him so proud of himself every morning.  His favorite thing to say recently is, "that's odd".  haha  He says it all the time about everything.

Kalvin is learning so many words.  He has a way larger vocabulary than Clark had at his age.. and we thought that Clark was a talker!  Its so fun hearing all the crazy things he says and repeats.  This is seriously the most hilarious age.  My favorite though is when he cant say a word.  The following are the best and make me laugh everytime:

School Bus - "Goose Bus"
Strawberry - "Stravietta"
( this is my favorite!  We cant figure out why he cant say "strawberry".  He sounds like a little Slavic baby.  I love it so much)
Chapstick - "Puppybear"
(Again, no idea.  But he asks for "puppybear" all day long.)
I've been busy trying to get the house chores better scheduled.  I keep telling myself that as soon as I finish all the cleaning, then I will begin the process of packing and getting ready to move, but it just hasn't happened yet.  There is just always more chores.  Always.  I guess that's what happens when you actually live in the house you live in.  Anyway, I think my plans are flawed.  I may need to rethink things....
This is Clark's photography right here.  He LOVES taking pictures so much.  He is constantly sneaking the camera out of my purse and taking a million pictures.  We may need to buy him his own digital camera.
Tuesday morning we took Clark to the doctor for shots.  After we got there, I told him we were there so he could get some pokes and he burst into tears and hid under the chair.  He refused to come out for a really long time.
I finally pulled him out and sat him on the table and he just laid down and wouldn't move or look at me.  They ended up having to take his blood pressure 3 times, cuz he was so nervous and his little heart was just pounding.  So sad!!
They had to give him 4 shots and he cried and screamed and it was the saddest thing ever!!  Luckily we don't have to do that again until he is 11.
After, I bought the boys sunglasses and took them out for icecream and all was forgiven and forgotten.
Well, sort of.  All day, every time Clark would see his bandaids on his legs and remember, he would start limping.
He loves his sunglasses so much and keeps telling me that he is in a rock band
(I love watching Kalvin eat.  He insists on always doing everything himself now, but he is still figuring it out and it doesn't always quite work.  Its so funny and entertaining.)
We spent Wednesday like we spend most day right now
Swimming.  For hours.
Cutest little GQ
His favorite thing to do is throw all the toys out of the pool and them climb out and throw them all back in again.  It stresses Clark out so much!
After we drained the pool the boys had so much fun running through the wet grass.
Such a little model
At this moment he was actually explaining to me the difference between pigeons and jet planes
Oh I love this weirdo
And this weirdo too
Having popsicles
This is about where Kal told me that his popsicle was "action packed"
Thursday was a very big day for our family!!!!!  This gorgeous man right here took his LAST FINAL EVER!!!!  EVER!!!!!!  Im so so so so happy!!!!!  And Brad came home in the best mood and just as happy.  We are so proud of him and although Brad just keeps saying, "I still have 3 clinicals and the board exam to pass, so don't count your eggs before they hatch" its a huge accomplishment!!!  And he talked to his CI down at Mountain View hospital where he will be doing his Summer clinical rotation and he seems really cool, so Brad is even more excited to start down there on Monday.  Especially because he will get to be doing a good amount of wound care and that was one of his favorite classes yet.  So proud of my man!!!  He is pretty awesome!!
So to celebrate last night we had a little BBQ and watched the championship basketball game. 
Pretty exciting stuff, right?  It was a good night and we are looking forward to a busy and funfilled weekend :)

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